New Proclamations and Regulations 2013/14

Click the link below to access all 2013/4 proclamations

2013/4 proclamations


Proclamation No. 808/2013 Information Network Security Agency Re-establishment Proclamation DOWNLOAD

Proclamation No. 810/2013 Energy Proclamation DOWNLOAD

Proclamation No. 811/2013 Trucks Demurrage Proclamation DOWNLOAD

Proclamation No. 812/2013 Export – Import Bank of China Loan Agreement Periods Additional Loan for Addis Ababa Adama Toll Motorway Design and Build and a Loan for Addis Ababa Toll Motorway Phase II Project Ratification Proclamation DOWNLOAD

Proclamation No. 815/2013 Bilateral Air Service Agreement Between the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the Government of the Republic of Senegal Ratification Proclamation DOWNLOAD

Proclamation No. 818/2014  Urban Land Registration Proclamation DOWNLOAD
Proclamation 823/2014 International Development Association Financing Agreement for Financing the Second General Education Improvement Project II, Ratification Proclamation DOWNLOAD

Proclamation 824/2014 International Development Association Financing Agreement for Financing the Sustainable Land Management Project II , Ratification Proclamation DOWNLOAD 





Regulation No. 298/2013 Public Service Employee’s Transport Service Enterprise Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation DOWNLOAD

Regulation No. 299/2013 Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Council of Ministers Regulation DOWNLOAD

Regulation No. 300/2013 Insurance Fund Administration Agency Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation DOWNLOAD

Regulation No. 301/20 13 Ethiopian Public Health Institute Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation DOWNLOAD

Regulation No. 302/2013 Ethiopian Electric Power Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation DOWNLOAD

Regulation No. 303/2013 Ethiopian Electric Utility Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation DOWNLOAD


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  1. hello everyone.. i need federal proc. 841/2014 Irrigation Water Users Association proclamation….if u have it please send it to me
    thank you.

  2. it is very nice posting newly ratified laws b/s it would enabels us to update our selves with those laws.

  3. Please, I need the new proclamation Odin come tax which was proclaimed 2006 E.C
    I would like to download to my pc. Thank you.

  4. How are Dear Instructor Abrham, I wants to the New 2014 the Proclamation of :- “A PROCLAMATION TO PROVIDE FOR THE CLASSIFICATION OF CULTURAL HERITAGES INTO NATIONAL AND REGIONAL
    Thank U Dear Abrham

  5. Can anyone recommend me how to find the new trade practice and consumer protection proclamation no 813/2006 e.c, please? I need it very badly.

  6. HI Abrish. I’d like to forward my thanks and apporitiation for ur efforts. As a novice learner of law, ur posts R realy

    • Ato Yilam, How u doing? is everything going on with u okay?
      My name is Getahun, i just saw ur web and wanna ask u some …..

      I need some written materials about construction Industry in Ethiopia, like its stage at moment, its contribution for GDP etc.

      I need this material for producing paper which help us to grant loans for contractors at our Bank.

      If possible i’ll reach u through telephone even physically to at office

      Here my tel office 011 557 2015

      Thanks for ur irreversible cooperation

  7. Dear Abrish Many thanks
    I am in need of proclamation no 822/2013 on FCTC ratification
    could you forward me please ?

  8. Dear Abraham,       Have you any directives or circulars concerning tax on Transportation and Position allowance of employee. Please send it .                                                                                    Thank you


  9. Hello, Ato Abraham!! As to me, what you are trying is one of the best qualities expected from those enlightened. If you upload all (and, of course in time) the federal proclamations and regulations, your endeavor will grow smarter and smarter. Anyway, I am highly grateful for you unreserved effort. Thank you!! Than you so much!!

  10. Dear Abreham, intellectual for me is just addressing legible and useful knowledge to citizens (or consumers). You are doing this with unreserved effort. Thank you so much.

  11. hello Abrsh, how are you and how is everything to you? it was a long time since you posted on this blog and longing your message on domestic laws. Fortunately, I used to attend your legal brief when I was a student of law at Dilla University and to your surprise, I became an assistant lecturer at haramaya where you were working. I was really interested to know and share your blessed know-how. Anyways, it didn’t happen. I really appreciate your motivation and dedication for our national laws. wish you all the best! wendmeneh beyene assistant lecturer of law at haramaya university

  12. oh! you did it great. you are keeping the user to refer the laws immediately. so keep it up!!!!
    Thank you

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