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The African Online Library: Translated Cassation Decisions

I never profiled useful web pages that provide information and resources on Ethiopian law before. But, the fact is you cannot get what want simply because you have an internet access. I frequently receive emails asking for a document which is available on my blog. For this reason I have started sharing the best and resourceful web site specifically law web sites and law blogs you should visit.

For today, the African Online Library ( is my recommendation. If you are looking for English version of decisions of the Cassation bench, this is the place you should spend some time. It contains more than one hundred selected decisions of the cassation bench translated in to English. The availability of English copy of court decisions is highly important for law teachers, researchers, foreign legal scholars and others wishing to have a deeper understanding of the Ethiopian judiciary.

Here is a brief info about the web site and how you can get the court decisions.
As stated in its ‘about’ page the African Online Library on Law and Governance (the African Law Library) is an innovative online portal available free of charge to all those interested in African law and governance. The Library was initiated in 2012 by Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais, a successful international entrepreneur from Angola and Switzerland, and Founder of the African Innovation Foundation.

The web site is the first of its kind to provide free and easy access to legal and judicial materials of almost all African countries. In order to have full access to the resources of the site first you need to register and create an account. The good news is that registration is free and it will not take long. Just click on ‘Register for Free’ on the left side of the menu and fill the form.
By registering you will be able to:

Access an extensive range of full-text documents, legislation, court decisions and journal articles on African law free of charge;
• Upload your documents to the African Law Library to share your insights with other users of the library, helping to make the African Law Library truly comprehensive;
• Find other registered participants – globally, regionally and nationally – with similar interests to you;
• Manage your online profile on your page “My African Law Library”; and
• Join or create online workgroups in your field of interest, and invite other participants to join.

After your account is active, now you can find materials of your choice either by searching the library or browsing for the library.
When you click browse the library on the left menu you have the option to browse:
Countries: Simply select your chosen country to access the available legal texts, journal articles, or other documents.
Institutions: Select the institution in which you are interested to find material relating to that institution. The list of institutions is being added to all the time.
Other Collections: The African Law Library is creating online collections on areas of special interest.
Journals: The African Law Library offers full-text access to many journals on Africa, law and related issues. Choose the journal in which you are interested and you can search the journal by keyword, date, thematic interest etc. You also have the opportunity to set up an email alert to inform you when new articles are available. Please note that as journals are being added all the time not all content may be immediately available.

If you are interested in legal and judicial materials of Ethiopia, click countries and then click Ethiopia.
Then you will see legislation and court decisions tab. The web site contains limited number of proclamations, so it is not recommended as a useful resource of Ethiopian legislative materials.
The court decisions tab contains more than 100 Cassation bench decisions translated in to English. Just click on the document of your choice and download.
If you have difficulty locating the court decisions tab click HERE

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  1. Abreham, great work. I really appreciate your contribution to the reign of justice in Ethiopia.

  2. Greetings to all fellow lawyers. I am trying to find out whether there was a prohibition imposed on the export of Ethiopian White maize in March 2011. I can’t find any proclamation in the Federal Gazeta. Can anyone help? Field Martin

  3. Dear Abraham, I hope all is well with you. My name is Alexander and I am one of the users of your invaluable posts and shares on various legal matters. You really deserve to be appreciated for your initiative. I have done my LLB at Unity University in Dec. 2013. I applied at AAU to pursue my LLM and I have just been informed that the entrance exam will be conducted on November 20/2014. I have never sat for such exams before. Nor do I have the clue as to what the nature of the exam will be. I have tried to get copies of the exam papers for previous years, but to no avail. I am therefore, begging you my friend to help me get any material that would help me prepare for this entrance exam. (my stream is Human Rights).

    Thanks in advance

  4. Greetings Ato Abrham

    Thank you for sharing this extremely useful resource.

    One Love

    Ijahnya Christian Shashemene

  5. Thank you for your endless valuable legal documents and information sharing commitment. God Bless you and your family!!

  6. Morning Abrham,
    Thanks for the useful insight and recommendation. I always appreciate your effort in updating us.

  7. I would like to thank you for the informations you have given me.I will try my best to contact you well.Thank you once again.

  8. Great work we are grateful for the effort you made in enhancing the legal awareness of the public keep up sir .

  9. Dear Abrham

    Thank you for your consistency in providing the public with highly essential legal documents and information.

    Best Hunde​

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