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submit postHi everyone! many thanks for your great contribution. And more for the 6000+ FB Page likes 3,880 blog comments, 13000+ email, WordPress, Facebook and Twitter subscriptions, 24000+ post shares….and even more 5,177,915 blog views. Ethiopian Legal Brief is adding new features like forum discussion, blog membership, and direct blog posting.
The Forum page will be accessible to all members at the end of this week.
Blog posting is now available to all registered members.
If you have an article, case comment or anything you think is valuable to be shared with the public, just click on the link below and start posting. Please note that you need to register to submit a post. If you are already a registered member YOU DON’T HAVE TO REGISTER AGAIN! log in with your username and password, then the SUBMIT A POST OPTION will be visible.
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