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Food and Medicine Administration Proclamation /Draft/

Section Two
43. General
Every cosmetic product placed on the market shall not harm human health when used ordinarily or as intended.
44. Registration of trade institution
1) Every manufacturer, importer, and distributor of cosmetic shall be registered by the executive organ.
2) Detail implementation of this article shall be determined by a directive.
45. Notification and ingredients
1) No one may manufacture or import to trade a cosmetic product unless a list of the cosmetic and related information is submitted in accordance with the operational procedure of the executive organ.
2) A cosmetic may not contain any prohibited ingredients or any ingredient above the maximum level established by an applicable regulatory requirement.
3) List of prohibited ingredients and maximum allowable dosage in a particular cosmetic shall be determined pursuant to a directive issued by the executive organ.
4) Whenever it is necessary to protect public health, the executive organ may ban a cosmetic product or its ingredient.
5) Every manufacturer or importer shall be responsible for any damage caused as a result of the cosmetic it manufactured or imported.

46. Manufacturing, storage, transport, and sale of cosmetic
1) Every manufacturer of a cosmetic product shall make sure that its product is produced in accordance with applicable good manufacturing practices.
2) The manufacturer, importer, distributor, or retailer of every cosmetic shall ensure the safety of the product during storage, transport, and sale.
3) It shall be prohibited to manufacture, import, store, distribute, transport or sell any cosmetic or cosmetic raw material that is not in compliance with this proclamation or other applicable regulatory requirements.
4) Every storage and transport equipment, having direct contact with the cosmetic product, shall not cause chemical, physical, and microbiological contamination.

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