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A Draft Proclamation to Amend the House of Peoples’ Representatives’ Secretariat Establishment Proclamation




Whereas ensuring the professional and administrative support to the House of Peoples’ Representatives, taking in to account its constitutional and public mission, is necessary  to ensuring the role of the House in the country’s  peace, democracy and development endeavors;

Whereas in order to have the Secretariat the responsibility of delivering the services of   broadcasting, research, study and professional advisory it has been found necessary to  amend the establishing Proclamation;

Now therefore in accordance with Article 55(1) of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia it is hereby proclaimed as follows:

  1. Short Title

This Proclamation may be cited as” Amendment of the House of Peoples’ Representatives Secretariat Establishment Proclamation No. ……./2018.”

  1. After Article 5(10) the following new sub-articles (11) and (12) shall be added:

“11/ to give advisory service on various professional fields and issues to the House and its bodies; undertake study and research activities;

12/  to organize and prepare news on issues related to the activities, powers and responsibilities of the House as well as broadcasting various programs on radio, television, website and other means of transmission;”

3/   Article 6 (2) and (3) of the Proclamation shall be deleted and replaced by the following sub-article  (2):

“2/ the Deputy Secretary Generals and the directors shall be accountable to the Secretary General .”

4/ Article 6 (1) (b) and (C) of the Proclamation are   deleted  and  replaced by the following paragraph (b) and (C):-

“b) three Deputy Secretary Generals to be appointed by the Speaker upon nomination by the Secretary General;

  1. C) directors and employees to be hired in accordance with the employees” administration regulation to be issued based on this Proclamation;”

5/  Article 6 (5) of the Proclamation is deleted and replaced by the following sub article (5):

“5, the salary, benefits and allowances of those referred to in sub article (1) of this Article shall be decided by the Business Advisory Committee of the House.”

6/  Article 7 (2) (b) of the Proclamation is deleted.

7/  Article 7 (2) (C) of the Proclamation is deleted and replaced by the following paragraph (C):

“C) Employ and administer the support staff of   the Secretariat;”

8/  Article 8 of the Proclamation is deleted and replaced by the following Article 8:

“8.   Powers and Duties of the Deputy Secretary Generals

1/ The Deputy Secretary Generals shall direct and administer the sectors specifically assigned to them by the Secretary General.

2/  Unless the Secretary General specifically assigned, in the absence of the Secretary General the senior Deputy Secretary General shall represent the Secretary General.”

9/  Article 11 of the Proclamation is deleted and replaced by the following Article 11:

“11.  Power to Issue Regulation and Directive

1/ The Business Advisory Committee of the House shall issue Administration of Employees’ Regulation.

2/  The Speaker shall issue directives necessary for the implementation of this Proclamation.”

  1. Effective Date

This Proclamation shall enter into force upon its publication on the Federal Negarit Gazette.

Done at Addis Abeba this day of ……/2018





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