‘የአስተዳደር ህግ መግቢያ’ Now available on Google Play- free download

የአስተዳደር ህግ መግቢያ One of my unpublished books is now available as an android app on Google Play.

Click HERE to download and install the app

You can also enter the search term ‘Ethiopian Administrative Law’ on Google Play Store.






Get more Ethiopian law apps on the following links


The Revised Family Code of Ethiopia



Criminal Procedure code of Ethiopia



በላ ልበልሃ: የጠበቃ ቀልዶችና የችሎት ገጠመኞች




የአስተዳደር ህግ መግቢያ






አሠሪና ሠራተኛ ህግ

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  1. Dear Yohannes,
    Thank you for sharing the google up. I really appreciate your effort to share about and create public awareness on legal information. keep it up

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