Employment law

Labour Proclamation No. 1156-2019




87. General

1/ Women shall not be discriminated against in all respects on the basis of their sex.

2/ Without prejudice to the generality of Sub-

Article (1) of this Article, priority shall be given to women if they get equal result with men when competing for employment, promotion or any other benefit.

3/ It is prohibited to assign women on works that may be listed by the Ministry to be particularly dangerous to women or hazardous to their health.

4/ No pregnant woman shall be assigned to night work between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. or be assigned on overtime work.

5/ She shall be transferred to another place of work if her job is hazardous to her health or to the fetus as ascertained by a physician.

6/ An employer shall not terminate the contract of employment of women during her pregnancy and until four months after her confinement.

7/ Notwithstanding the provisions of Sub-

Article (6) of this Article, contract of employment may be terminated for reasons stipulated under Article 27 (b-k) and Article 29 (3) but not related pregnancy and delivery.

88. Maternity Leave

1/An employer shall grant leave to a pregnant worker with pay, for medical examination connected with her pregnancy, provided, however, that she m a y b e r e q u i r e d to present a medical certificate of her examination.

2/A pregnant worker shall, upon the recommendation of a physician, be entitled to a leave with pay.

3/ A pregnant worker shall be granted a period of

30 consecutive days of leave with pay of pre-natal leave and a period of 90 consecutive days of leave post- natal.

4/Where a pregnant worker does not deliver within the 30 working days of her pre-natal leave, she is entitled to an additional leave until her confinement in accordance with Sub-Article (2) of this Article. However, if birth takes place before the expiry of the pre-natal leave, the 90 working days of postnatal leave shall commence.

5/ on any pregnant worker certified her giving up pregnancy by physician shall not be implemented Article 86 provision of leave with out pay.



89. General

1/ For the purpose of this Proclamation, “young worker” means a natural person who has attained the age of 15 but is below the age of

18 years.

2/ It is prohibited to employ a person less than
15 years of age.

3/It is prohibited to assign young workers on work, which on account of its nature or due to the condition in which it is carried out endangers their lives or health.

4/ The Ministry may prescribe the list of activities prohibited for young workers which shall include in particular:

a)Work in the transport of passengers and goods by road, railway, air and internal water ways, dock sides and ware houses involving heavy weight lifting, pulling or pushing or any other related type of labour;

b)Work connected with electric power generation plants, transformers or transmission lines;

c)Underground work such as mines and quarries;

d)Work in sewers and tunnel excavation.

5/The provision of Sub-Article (4) of this

Article shall not apply to work performed by young workers in fulfillment of course requirements in vocational schools that are approved and inspected by the Competent Authority.

90. Limits of Hours of Work

Normal hours of work for young workers shall not exceeds seven hours a day.

91. Night and Overtime Work

It is prohibited to assign young workers on: 1/ Night work between10 p.m. and 6 a.m.;

2/ Over time work;

3/ Work done on weekly rest days; or 4/ Work done on Public Holidays

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  1. their is conflict between article 68 (d) English description and the Amharic meaning and also against article 75(1)

  2. What if the employer give termination with notice while the undertaking is relocated or actually continue at another location by closing its activity at the location where the employee was working. The post of the employee is also continue as it is at new location.

  3. I have a Question why modified 377/2003 or what is the defference between 377/2003 and 1156/2019 labor proclamation

  4. what if aan employee issued a 30 day leave warning but the employer fired the employee before the expiry of the 30 day warning paying him only 15 days salary? is it under lawful termination or unlawful termination?

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