customs amendment proclamation 1160__2011


WHEREAS, it becomes necessary to amend customs Proclamation No. 859/2014,
NOW,THEREFORE, the following is proclaimed in accordance with Article 55/ 1 / of the
Constitution of the Ethiopian Federal Democratic Republic.
1. Short Title
This Proclamation may be cited as “Customs Amendment Proclamation No. 1160/2019”
2. The Customs Proclamation No.859/2014 is amended as follows.
1/ Article 2 (49) ,(52),(54) and (55) of the Proclamation are deleted and replaced respectively by the following new Sub Articles (49),(52),(54) and (55)
49) “Concealing Goods” shall mean an act of import or export of undeclared goods which are different from declared goods in kind, amount or size, measurement, Quality, Quantity, description and country of origin by mixing with other declared goods;



customs amendment proclamation 1160__2011

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