Franchise As a Political Participation Right of Employees Residing in Alage Agricultural Technical Vocational Education Training College Camp: A Comparative Analysis



                                 By: Dereje Nigusie



Advisor: Wondwossen Wakene (Assistant Professor of Law)


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Election is a visible democracy. It has different players like carnival events. Among which, eligible voters take the front line of participation in election, through giving vote.

Though its freeness and fairness were contestable, Ethiopia even after 1991 has held five multi-party elections, including the last 2015 general election of the country. However, quite contrary to other institution camps residing employees, the Alage ATVET College Camp residing employee’s were not made to be participant within such general elections of the country, through giving vote.

Accordingly this work by using qualitative research methods, has clearly spell out that the determination and existence of major premises of participation, such as State administration, constituency as well as appropriate and convenient ordinary polling stations during general election has enabled the Wonji Shewa Sugar Factory Institution and Agarfa ATVET College Camp residing employee’s to be actively participant in general election of the country, through giving vote. Whereas, the Alage ATVET College camp residing employee’s though they are right holders as like the above mentioned employee’s; but are excluded from participation in general election, through giving vote, due to the place Alage outside from State administration and constituency of the country as well as absence of established polling stations to employee’s during general election of the country. Thus, lack of commitment on the part of the government, as far as discharging its legal obligation of creating equal opportunity to vote to these employee’s as per human right laws, has resulted the right to vote of these groups of people to be disfranchised, practically. In connection of losing such latter right, they are disabled also to enjoy indirect participation through representatives and other expressive values of participation.

Therefore, Alage ATVET College camp residing employee’s to be participant in general election through giving vote meaningfully and without any inconvenience, the author inter alia suggested mainly the HoF and NEBE, based on their mandate to determine and establish effectively the major premises of participations, such as State administration of Alage and its constituencies as well as proper and convenient polling stations during election of the country.

Keywords: ATVET, Camp, Constituency, Disfranchise, Franchise, Polling stations, General election.





                                                                                                  Gondar, Ethiopia

By Abrham Yohannes

Abrham Yohannes Hailu Licensed Lawyer & Consultant

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