Mining Operations Council of Ministers Regulation No. 423-2018


  1. Short Title

This Regulation may be cited as the “Mining Operations Council of Ministers Regulation No. 423/2018”.


  1. Definitions

In this Regulation unless the context requires otherwise:


1/ the definitions provided in the Mining Operation Proclamation No.678/2010 (as amended) shall apply;


2/ “agreement” means a contract concluded between the Government and the licensee in order to conduct reconnaissance, exploration, retention and mining;


3/ “community development” means economic, social and environmental protection activity under taken around the license area to benefit the local community;


4/ “consultancy” means a service rendered by a professional having certificate of professional competence in the mining sector;


5/ “development program” includes pre-production works involving erection of infrastructure, making the surface of the earth ready for mining, excavation of underground entrance, and procurement, transportation and plantation of mining equipments, production test, and of other similar activities;

6/ “discovery” means an identification of the existence or an indication of minerals where the minerals were not previously discovered in the area in question and are not subject to exclusive right or an application thereof or have not been reserved;


7/ “financial position” means a document submitted by an applicant which verifies the proportional amount of money deposited at domestic bank to guarantee the execution of the proposed work plan at least for the first one year;


8/ “financial situation” means evidence that reveals the applicant’s amount of money prepared for his mining operations plan including his financial position, as the case may be;

9/ “fund” means the amount of money allocated by the licensee pursuant to the appropriate laws and agreement in order to rehabilitate the license area and the area surrounding the license area to participate in community development plan;


10/  “license application fee” means a payment conducted by any applicant for registration of his application for mining operations;


11/  “block” means one portion of area acquired by partitioning the total license area in accordance with Article 14 of this Regulation;

12/  “performance report” means a document prepared by the licensee in accordance with the license agreement which contains detail technical and financial activities of his mining operation and the result thereof;


13/  “Proclamation” means Mining Operation Proclamation No. 678/2010 (as amended);



14/  “samples of mineral” means minerals which are not in commercial volume and  taken from natural bulk for the purpose of conducting research, laboratory testing, and for market promotion subject to processing as well as for other objectives, as appropriate;


15/  “supervisor” means a person authorized by the Licensing Authority, to supervise and administer mining operations, pursuant to the Proclamation and this Regulation;


16/  “technical competence” means a document submitted by any person who applies for mining operation that demonstrates applicant’s knowledge, skills and experience to carry out his mining operation in accordance with the proposes work program;

17/  “technical service” means a provision of services associated with a mining operations like drilling or laboratory services carried out by an Ethiopian who possess the required certificate of technical competency.

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