Disclosure of Information for Public Interest Council of Ministers Regulation No. 405-2017

PART ONE General

  1. Short Title

This Regulation may be cited as the “Disclosure of Information for Public Interest Council of Ministers Regulation No. 405-2017”.

  1. Definition

In this Regulation unless the context requires otherwise:

1/        “public interest disclosure” means a disclosure of information made in good faith in accordance with this Regulation and includes any assistance or information given during an investigation on the basis of the disclosure;


2/        “Institution of the Ombudsman” means the Ethiopian Institution of the Ombudsman established under Proclamation No. 211/2000;

3/        “head of a public body” means an official who has been authorized by law to lead any government institution;


4/        “employee” means any person who works for the public service or public enterprise excluding the national intelligence service personnel;


5/ “concerned public body” means a body to which information is disclosed pursuant to Article 6 of this Regulation.


  1. Scope of Application


1/        This Regulation shall apply to any public interest disclosure concerning a serious danger posed to the health or safety of the public, the environment or any other harmful act committed in violation of duty and on the employee who discloses such impropriety.

2/        Notwithstanding to the provision of sub-article (1) of this Article, these Regulations shall not apply on information concerning to the national defense force, police force and national intelligence service institutions.

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