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Ethiopian Attorney General pardoned additional 1,559 prisoners

In a statement released today, Federal Attorney General Mrs. Adnanech Abebe said the pardoned prisoners were prisoners at the police station, whose information was not filtered in a timely manner, and were federal prisoners in the state.

She noted that due to the urgency of the situation, these detainees had previously been excluded from the amnesty.

She said the pardon of 1,5009 prisoners was based on information released by the Prison Board, which he later confirmed to by President Sahewalwerek

In total, 1,559 prisoners were pardoned, of whom 1,531 were men, and the remaining 48 were women.

The federal prosecutor has said that 4,411 prisoners have already been pardoned in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus in prisons.
Federal Attorney General, Adnanech Abebe, said that law enforcement should now be strengthened in relation to the rule of law.

Accordingly, due diligence, enforcement of breach of mandatory exclusionary guidelines, dissemination of false information, concealment of products and the cost of proper enforcement are being carried out. .

Attorney General Adnanech Abebe, who noted that various administrative actions have been taken against more than 15,000 businesses, said more than 424 are under investigation by law.

She also pointed out that there have been suggestions for non-compliance with quarantine law and that proper screening is being carried out.

According to the Attorney General, many works have been done on teaching the same law and guidelines in faith institutions, but if the law does not work in accordance with the principles and guidelines set out, law enforcement will work.

The quarantine and treatment facilities have also been intensified, with 180 separate locations that can accommodate over 80,000 people in terms of isolation and monitoring.

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