Restrictions and Sanctions Imposed by the Emergency Decree

The Council of Ministers today approved the Implementation of Emergency Proclamation no 3/2012 to prevent, control and reduce the spread of coronavirus virus.

The obligations imposed under this decree are set out below.

1. Any person suspected of having Covid-19 or an international passenger who is suspected of having a Covid-19 is required to undergo Quarantine and a Covid-19 test;

2. An international passenger has a duty to cover his / her own expenses during quarantine;

3. Any person found to be infected of Covid-19 shall be required to remain in the State-designated detention unit;

4. In the case of a passenger suspected to have Covid-19 on the go, the transport operator is responsible for notifying the admissions and departure officer at or near CoV 19;

5. Anyone who knows of a person suspected of infected of Covid-19 is obligated to notify the Ministry of Health or the police,

6. Any person who is present in the banking service, markets, transit stations, transportation, shops, drugstores, public places and in other public places, shall be obliged to cover his mouth and nose;

7 The obligation to cover the mouth and nose under sub-article 6 of this article may be performed by a mask produced in a factory for this purpose, made of various fabrics, or in any type of garment.

8. Any service, both public and private, has the responsibility to provide hygienic materials to ensure the protection of the virus and to ensure that the customers are taken care of;

9. Istitutions providing service to public or private institutions should put a mark within 2 steps of distance;

10. Government communications professionals and private media organizations must disseminate appropriate information, reports or programs related to Covid-19 and related matters to the public without exagerrating or understating the facts. The information disseminated should not create unnecessary fear and terror within the public.

11. Public and private institutions, both federal and state, shall provide personnel with the necessary means to provide the necessary information about the virus, to prepare at least water and soap at the entrances and exits, and to provide other protective equipment as possible to prevent the spread of the virus;

12. Public and private institutions shall ensure that all employees, whether federal or regional, are not confined to work in a room, workspace, or transportation, to maintain physical distance;

13. It is the responsibility of the Federal and State Government and the private enterprise, which governs employees in accordance with the Labor Proclamation No. 1156/2011, is responsible for facilitating the transportation of workers to work if necessary;

14. The police commission or the prison administration shall be respondible to arrange mechanisms for suspects to meet with their lawyers;

15 When any property, hotel, apartment, vehicle, hall, or any property is required to be used for the purpose of preventing, controlling, and reducing the effects of Co-19, and this has been decided by a committee of the councol of ministers or any organ delegated by the commitee, the owner is under obligation to observe and impelement the decision, unless he is using the utility for daily consumption ;

16. Any manufacturer or service provider shall provide necessary services to the Government in an effort to prevent, control, and mitigate the effects of Covid-19, to expand the service, to produce a product, to produce a new product, or to supply his products the government, consumers association or to cooperatives at a reasonable price.

17. Hotels are responsible for providing hand wash water and soap while providing services to their customers, while hotel users are obligated to wash their hands and perform proper hygiene procedures and to treat tables, chairs and other objects used after use.

18. The owner of any occupation, retired or educated health or other professional, or any citizen, is obliged to cooperate when called upon by the government to contribute to the prevention, control, and mitigation of the effects of Cov-19.

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  1. Dear Abrish thank you for the latest information, but regarding article 9 I think it is not 2 feet, do you mind to see it again

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