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Expropriation of Land holdings for Public Purposes, Payments of Compensation and Resettlement Proclamation No. 1161-2019



WHERE AS, it is necessary that government needs to use land for development works it carries out for public services;

WHEREAS,   land   expropriation   has   become   necessary   to address  the  steadily  growing  urban  population  which  requires more    land    for    building    houses,    infrastructure;   and    for redevelopment of the urban slams to invigorate investment and other services; and for development activities in rural areas;

WHEREAS,   it   is   essential   to   determine   the   types   of compensable  properties  and  lost  economic  interests  and  the principles  thereof  and  establish  the  methods  of  valuation  in order to pay land holders whose landholdings and property are expropriated or damaged or lost their economic interests in the process of expropriation fair and equitable compensation;

WHERE AS, it is necessary to identify and define the powers and   responsibilities   of   authorities   which   are   in   charge   of property valuation; payment of compensation and resettlement;

WHEREAS, it is necessary to rectify and fill gaps envisaged in  the  former  law  and  to  include  other  provisions  to  make  the system    of  expropriation  of  land  holdings    and    payment  of compensation  more effective;

WHERE  AS,  it  is     necessary  to  determine  the  decision making  process  and  grievances  procedure  related  with    the expropriation and payment of compensation  ;

WHEREAS,   it   is   necessary   to   enact   detailed   laws   to implement the general powers given to the Federal Government under   the   Constitution   of   Federal   Democratic   Republic   of Ethiopia  to  enact  laws  regarding  land  use  under  Article  51(5); and  Expropriate  of  Private  property  for  Public  Purposes  and payment of fair and equitable compensation to the expropriated land holders under Article 40(8) and provide support to resettle displaced people under Article 44 (2);

NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55 (2) ( a) of  the  Constitution   of  the  Federal  Democratic  Republic  of Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows;

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  1. Dear Abrish thanks for post of this proclamation. Would you mind to post the regulation enacted based up on the proclamation( 1161)?

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