Constitutional and Federalism Indoctrination Center Establishment Proclamation No. 1123-2019



WHEREAS, it has been found important to put in place a functional system to bridge the gap on Federalism and Constitutional Indoctrination through studies;

WHEREAS, it has become necessary to create active and disciplined society equipped with constitutional culture through expanding and promoting the doctrine of Constitution and Federalism;

NOW, THERE FORE, by the power given to the House of Peoples Representatives of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia as per Article 55 (1) of the Constitution ,it is hereby proclaimed as follows፡


  1. Short Title

This Proclamation may be cited as the “Constitutional and Federalism Indoctrination Center Establishment Proclamation No. 1123/2019”.

  1. Definition

In this Proclamation unless the context otherwise requires:-

1/ “Center of Excellence” includes Educational Institutions, Media and Art Center, Public and Civil Service Institutions, Justice and Security Organs, and Professional and Mass Based Associations that have significant role to facilitate the indoctrination process of the Constitution and Federalism;

2/ “Stakeholders” include Organs having role in Indoctrination of Constitution and Federalism in their duties;

3/ “House” mean House of Federation of Federal
Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

4/ Any expression in the Masculine gender includes the


POWER AND FUNCTION 3. Establishment

1/ The Constitution and Federalism Indoctrination Center, (hereinafter called the “Center”) is hereby established as an independent Federal Government Organ having its own legal personality.

2/The Center shall be accountable to the House of Federation of the Federal Democratic Republic Ethiopia (hereinafter called the “House”).

3/ The Center shall have its head office in Addis Ababa and may open branch offices at Regions and City Administrations as may be necessary.

  1. Objective

The Objective of the Center shall be to create constitutional society that comprehensively engages in the dynamic of the country by ensuring comprehensive awareness of the constitution.

  1. Powers and Functions of the Center

The Center shall have the following powers and functions:-

1/Introduce system that would assist the implementation of the Constitution and Federalism Indoctrination;

2/ Provide training to trainers of the organs and entities that are mandated to provided training on Constitution and Federalism and follow-up their implementation;

3/ Coordinate with the stake holders and provide different trainings on Federalism and Constitution that would enhance the awareness of various parts of the society and arrange consultation forum;

4/Design programs and project that ensures the effectiveness of the Indoctrination on the Constitution and Federalism, and prepare training modules;

5/ Publish and disseminate various publications that would enhance awareness on Constitution and Federalism;

6/ Conduct research and studies on the area of Constitution and Federalism Indoctrination and formulate and promote best practices;

7/ Organize national forum on the Indoctrination of Constitution and Federalism and conduct assessment of their performance, experience sharing, and indicate future directions;

8/ Devise new and updated indoctrination methods on federalism and constitution;

9/ Own property, enter into contract, and sue and be sued on its own name;

10/ Undertake other activities necessary for the attainment of its objectives


  1. Organization of the Center

The Center shall have:

1/ An Advisory Committee (here in after called the “Committee”)

2/One Director General and Deputy Director General recommended by the Speaker of the House and appointed by the House who shall not be member of the House and have the required knowledge in the field;

3/ The necessary staffs.

  1. Members of the Committee

The Committee shall have the following members: 1/ The Speaker of the House……….…….Chairperson;

2/ The Deputy Speaker of the House ……………….. …………………………………….Vice Chairperson;

3/ Chairpersons of the standing committees of the House……………….………..………… ………………members;

4/ Secretaries of the standing committees of the House…………………………..………….members;

5/ Three professional of the field to be recommended by the Director General and be assigned by the Speaker of the House……………….……..members;

6/ The Director General of the Center …..….Secretary.

  1. Function and Duty of the Committee

The Committee shall have the following function and duties:

1/ Provide advice to the Center on policy matters and
Directives prepared;

2/Provide advice on studies related to structure and salary scale of the Center ;

3/Review and approve annual work programs and budget of the Center;

4/Follow up and support the Center to comply with annual work program and approved budget;

5/ Review and give direction on performance report of the Center.

  1. Meeting of the Committee

1/The Committee shall hold bi-annual regular meetings. However it may conduct extra ordinary meetings as may be necessary.

2/ There shall be quorum when half of the members of the Committee are present at a meeting.

3/ The Committee shall pass its advice with majority vote; in case of ties the Chairperson shall have casting vote.

4/ Without prejudice to the provision of this Article the Committee may adopt its own meeting rules.

  1. Power and Functions of the Director General

1/ The Director General shall be the chief executive officer of the Center and shall organize, manage and administer operation of the Center.

2/ without prejudice to the generality of sub-article

(1) of this Article, the Director General shall:

  1. a) Exercise the power and functions of the Center stipulated under Article 5 of this Proclamation;
  2. b) Employ and administer Employees of the Center in accordance with basic principles of the Federal Civil Service Laws;
  3. c) Implement Directives of the Center up on approval;
  4. d) Prepare and submit annual work program and budget of the Center to the Committee and implement same up on approval by the Government;

e)Effect expenditure based on the annual work program and approved budget of the Center in compliance with financial law;

  1. f) Prepare performance report of the Center and up on review and approval by the Committee, submit same to the House.

3/ The Director General may delegate part of his powers and function to the Deputy Director General or to the other officials and employees of the Center for efficient and effective performance of the activities of the Center.

  1. Power and Function of the Deputy Director


The Deputy Director General shall be accountable to the Director General of the Center and shall have the following powers and functions:

1/ Act on behalf of the Director General in his absence;

2/ Perform other activities specifically referred to him by the Director General.

  1. Budget

The Budget of the Center shall be from the following sources:

1/ The Budget allocated by the Government;

2/ From gifts and donations ;

3/ from any other legal sources.

13.Books of Accounts

1/The Center shall keep accurate and complete books of account.

2/ The books of accounts and financial documents of the Center shall be audited annually by the Federal Auditor General or Auditor assigned by him.



Stakeholders shall incorporate in their activities Constitution and Federalism trainings enhance the management and employees on Constitution and Federalism awareness, introduce systems to this effect, and develop the awareness and understanding of the public by working together with the Center.


1/ The Center shall organize joint plenum with Center of Excellences and Stakeholders at least twice a year in order to assess performance, exchange experience and set out future directions.

2/ The Center shall support and monitor the performance of the Center of Excellences and Stakeholders with regards to Constitution and Federalism teachings and provide feedback.

16.Power to Issue Directive

The House of Federation may issue Directive necessary for the implementation of this Proclamation.

17.Effective Date

This Proclamation shall enter into force on the date of its publication in the Federal Negarit Gazetee

Done at Addis Ababa, 9th Day Of April 2019,



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