Ethiopian National Anti-Doping Office Intelligence and Investigation Procedure NUMBER 471/2020


ETH-NADO has been legitimately established by Federal Democratic Republic of  Ethiopia council of minister’s regulations No. 400/2017 in line with 2015world anti- doping code to execute the mission of promoting doping clean sport nationwide as well as inspiring true sport- protecting the rights of athletes. So, aside to other anti-doping programs, the office has been obliged to carryout intelligence and investigation on doping related matters as per Article 6/13 of its establishment regulation.

Since doping is currently becoming more intricate rule violation, it needs different means of investigation beyond the lab analytical findings. Particularly Possession, Administration and Trafficking of Prohibited Substances are sophisticated Anti-Doping Rule Violations which requires deep and through intelligence and exploration.

Article 5.8 of World Anti-Doping Code also constitutes that each of the Anti-Doping Organization (ADO) shall install the intelligence and investigation systems as per the International Standard for Testing and Investigation. Accordingly, this Intelligence and Investigation procedure of ETH-NADO has been established in order to explore Anti- Doping Rule Violations in Ethiopian Sports.

The procedure endeavors to set out new investigative methods and techniques as well as forge new partnerships with the government and non-government authorities in fighting against doping in Ethiopia. Therefore, this document comprises of the introduction, scope, objective, principles, the intelligence and investigation team, the team role and responsibilities, intelligence, investigation, handling confidential information and communication.

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