Oromia NRS Laws

Oromia Region Citizenship Service Provision Proclamation No. 219/2019


Proclamation to Determine Oromia Regional Government Citizenship Service Provision No. 219/2019

WHEREAS, it is found necessary to make the people of the region serve its region without payment, to raise love for its region and country, enhance sense of belongingness of its country and play its role in the nation building effort in its time, energy, knowledge, profession and resource by using the citizenship service provision culture and norm that our people has enriched in its Geda system;

WHEREAS, it is found necessary to create for the society of our region an opportunity to learn from each other and strengthen its common interactions and unity through participating on citizenship service provision individually or in organized manner;

WHEREAS, it has become necessary to expand and enhance the culture of serving own country and citizen without payment and make the future generation be built on this foundation through encouraging a person engaged in citizenship service provision activity;

WHEREAS, it is found necessary to establish a system regarding how the citizenship service be provided, the rights and obligations of the service provider and in which he provides, as to how information be organized and support and monitoring be undertaken;

WHEREAS, it is recognized that citizenship service provision has of greater role in the effort to solve the limitations prevalent in the socio-economic service provision, to ensure sustainable development and to improve the livelihood of the society;

NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 49 (3) (a) of the revised Constitution of Oromia Region, Proclamation No. 46/2001, it is hereby proclaimed as follows:

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