Tax and Customs Directive No. 122-170

DIR 170-2012

DIR 169-2012

DIR 168-2012

DIR 167-2012

DIR 166-2012

DIR 165-2012

DIR 164_-2012

DIR 163-2012

DIR 163-2011

DIR 160_2012

DIR 159_2011 priority customs procedure

DIR 158-2011 customs valuation

DIR 157-2011 temporary export and return of goods

DIR 156-2011 import-export goods through postal service

DIR 155-2011 customs procedure electronic information exchange

DIR 154-2011 Customs warehouse administration

DIR 153-2011 Certification of customs transitors

DIR 152-2011 record of book of accounts

DIR 149-2011 usage and administration of tax receipt

DIR 148-2011 VAT Refund

DIR 147-2011 Tax Clearance certificate

DIR 146-2011 Payment of tax after discontinuance of business

DIR 145-2011 Withholding tax entities

DIR 144-2011 Manner of amendment to tax declaration by the tax payer

DIR 142-2011 Tax payment Grace Period

DIR 139-2010 Tax Clearance Certificate

DIR 138-2010 Tax Estimation

DIR 137-2010 Waiver of Administrative Penalty

DIR 134-2010 Country of Origin of Goods

DIR 132-2010 Level of risk of Goods

DIR 129-2010 Customers Grievance

DIR 128-2009 Priority Audit for Tax Payers

DIR 127-2009 Tax Grievance Hearing Committee

DIR 126-2009 Customs Tariff Second Schedule A

DIR 125-2009 Reward for Informants

DIR 123_2009 Addis Ababa Tax Payers Average Daily Income

DIR 122-2009 Disposal of Confiscated Goods

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