Ministry of Finance- Tax, Finance and Property Administration Directives

MIF 67-2013 Excise Tax

MIF Amendment to directive 69-2013

MIF Amendment to Directive 40-2007

MIF 64-2012 Covid-19 Tax Remission

MIF 62-2012

Public Procurement


MIF Amendment to directive 69-2013

MIF 57-2011

MIF 46-2007 Public Debt Management and Guarantee Issuance

MIF 41-2007

MIF 40-2007 Boarder Areas Franco Valuate and Duty Free Import Procedures

MIF 49-2009

MIF 47-2009

MIF 33-2005

MIF 30-2004 Leather Export Tax

MIF 28-2002 Goods Temporarily imported free of tax and customs

MIF 27-2002 Value Added Tax

MIF 26-2001 Tax on coffee exchange

MIF 26-2001 Accelerated Refund of Tax for Exporters

MIF 25-2001 Tax on Partially produced skin for export

MIF 22-2000 Promotion of foreign exchange

MIF 11-2003 Surety-guarantee to public employees

MIF 10-2003 Handover of property among public bodies

MIF 9-2003 Property administration

MIF 7-2003 Internal audit

MIF 6-2003 Federal Government Financial Accountability

MIF 5-2003 Government Account

MIF 4-2003 Disbursement

MIF 3-2003 Cash Administration

MIF 2-2003 Federal Government control Internal Standards

MIF 2-2003 Budget administration

MIF 1-2003 Price of goods and services Financial Calendar

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