Proclamation No. 1236-2020 Revised Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission Proclamation

WHEREAS, the Government and the  Peoples of Ethiopia recognize that corruption and  impropriety are capable of hindering the Social,  Economic and Political development of our  country and found it necessary to establish a legal  system; 

WHEREAS, it has become necessary to  prevent corruption and impropriety and to create  a society of good ethical values and moral which  shall not condone but rather prepared to  resolutely combat corruption; in order to promote  arid sustain the development, peace and  democratic process in our country;

WHEREAS, it has become proper for the commission to have independence and impartiality in its operation by making its operation and activities be guided with the principles of transparency and accountability;

WHEREAS, it has become necessary to  consolidate in one the powers and duties given to  the Commission by different laws and provide in  law the scope of power of the commission that  would enable it accomplish its role of leading and  coordinating the anti-corruption struggle at the  national level;

 WHEREAS, corruption prevention is not a  task that begins and ends in a given institution  and it has become necessary to provide in law the  relations of the Commission would have with  other institutions so as to make the Commission  adequately represent the nation at international  and continental level in the area of anticorruption  struggle ; 

NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55(1) of The Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows

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