Ethiopian News Service Re-establishment Proclamation No. 1115-2019

PROCLAMATION No. 1115/2019

the role of News Service in strengthening and sustaining the country’s development, peace and democracy as well as democratic unity based on equality and co-existence of its people is vital;

 WHERE AS, it becomes necessary to make Ethiopian News Service as national news service, attain institutional and procedural freedom as well as better legal protection to enable it effectively fulfill its role of building the country’s image;

 WHERE AS, it found necessary to make Ethiopian News Service to be led by taking in to account its work
nature and to make its work improvements and efficiency proceeded in better way.

 WHERE AS, it found necessary to make working procedure and organization of Ethiopian News Service compatible and competent with international technology and professional development

WHERE AS, it is found necessary to re- establish the Ethiopian News Service to enable it to provide its service in more efficient, quality and competent way.

WHERE AS, it is found necessary to create conducive work environment for the work and employees.

WHERE AS, it is found necessary to enable it perform its mission of documenting and keeping major national events and phenomenon effectively by supporting them in writing, sound, photography and film for the use of different Medias and inputs for Study and Research.

WHERE AS, it becomes necessary to create enabling condition to Ethiopian News Service to support itself by engaging in income generating activities.

NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55(1) of FDRE Constitution, it is hereby Proclaimed as follows

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