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2014 (2021-22) Fiscal Year Federal Government Budget Draft Proclamation



WHEREAS, it has become necessary to approve and disburse on time the budgetary appropriation for undertakings by the Federal Government during the 2014 (E.C.) Fiscal Year;

WHEREAS, the subsidy budget that may be appropriated to the Regions has to be decided on the basis of the formula developed by the House of Federation;

NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55(1) and

(11) of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows:

PART I General

Article 1 Short Title

This Proclamation may be cited as the “2014 Fiscal Year Federal Government Budget Proclamation No__________”.

Article 2 Total Budget Appropriated

The Federal Budget is hereby appropriated for the fiscal year commencing on Hamle 1, 2013 E.C. and ending on Sene 30, 2014 E.C. from Federal Government revenues and other funds for the undertakings set forth in the Schedule here to:

(A) For Recurrent Expenditure Birr 162,172,658,868

(B) For Capital Expenditure Birr 183,548,361,544

(C) For Subsidy Appropriation to Regions

(D) Support for Achievement of

Sustainable Development Goals Birr 12,000,000,000

Grand Total Birr 561,673,150,321

(Five Hundred Sixty One Billion Six Hundred Seventy Three Million One Hundred Fifty Thousand Three Hundred Twenty One Birr)


Article 3 Powers of the Federal Government Organs

1) The Minister of Finance is hereby authorized and directed, upon the request of the heads of the concerned Federal Government organs, to disburse out of the Federal Government revenues and other funds the amounts appropriated herein for undertakings of their respective organs.

2) The Minister of Finance is hereby authorized to allow Federal Government hospitals, to retain and expend within their total budgetary appropriations, receipts from the current fiscal year up to an amount not exceeding 50% (Fifty Percent) of their receipt for the previous fiscal year.

3) Public bodies are hereby authorized to record on their appropriate budgetary head, program, sub program, project and main activity as the case may be, and undertake all acts necessary for the utilization of any additional loan or aid in kind and/or cash obtained from foreign or local sources for carrying out capital project or recurrent programs, and report to the Ministry of Finance within one month from the end of the budget year.

4) The Customs Commission shall assess and record duties and taxes payable on goods imported by federal public bodies, purchased with the proceeds of loans, or grants, or acquired in kind and allow such goods to enter into the country. The Commission shall notify the assessment, thus recorded to the public body concerned.

5) The Public body, which received the notification, mentioned under Sub-Article 4 above shall record the amount of taxes and duties under its heading program, sub program, project and main activity and shall, within one month from the end of the budget year, communicate to the Ministry of Finance the taxes and duties payable on goods for which budget for the payment of the tax not already been appropriated.

Article 4 Budget Transfer

1. No transfer shall be allowed from the capital expenditure to the recurrent expenditure.

2. Request for budget transfer between programs administered by public bodies shall be made by the head of the public body and presented to the Ministry of Finance for approval.

3. Budget transfer under program within sub programs, projects or main activities shall be made upon approval by the head of the public body. The public body shall notify such transfer to the Ministry of Finance before payment is effected.

Article 5 Support for Achievement of Sustainable

1. Capital expenditure support shall be provided for regions to finance only capital projects that help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

2. The support for capital expenditure to be provided to the Regions under this Article shall be utilized for financing specific sectors to be determined in an agreement signed between the Ministry of Finance and the Regional Governments and in accordance with the mechanism established by the Ministry of Finance in consultation with the regions.


Article 6 For the Federal Government Budget Birr

a) Recurrent Expenditure 162,172,658,868

b) Capital Expenditure 183,548,361,544

Total                          345,721,020,412

(Three Hundred Forty Five Billion Seven Hundred Twenty One Million Twenty Thousand Four Hundred Twelve Birr)

Article 7 Subsidies to Regions

a) Domestic Source 195,276,740,986

b) External Loan 7,224,650,715

c) External Assistance 1,450,738,208

Total                       203,952,129,909

(Two Hundred Three Billion Nine Hundred Fifty Two Million

One Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Nine Birr)

7.1 The State of Tigray

a) Domestic Source 8,126,222,100

b) External Loan 3,900,334,250

b) External Assistance 70,330,332

Total 12,096,886,682

(Twelve Billion Ninety Six Million Eight Hundred Eighty Six

Thousand Six Hundred Eighty Two Birr)

7.2 The State of Afar

a) Domestic Source 5,909,340,421

b) External Assistance 149,133,506

Total 6,058,473,927

(Six Billion Fifty Eight Million Four Hundred Seventy Three

Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Seven Birr)

7.3 The State of Amhara

a) Domestic Source 43,104,123,348

b) External Assistance 228,008,049

Total                       43,332,131,397

(Forty Three Billion Three Hundred Thirty Two Million One

Hundred Thirty One Thousand Three Hundred Ninety Seven Birr)

7.4 The State of Oromia

a) Domestic Source 68,831,660,114

b) External Assistance 299,138,403

Total 69,130,798,517

(Sixty Nine Billion One Hundred Thirty Million Seven Hundred

Ninety Eight Thousand Five Hundred Seventeen Birr)

The State of Somalia Birr

a) Domestic Source 19,806,103,085

b) External Assistance 214,946,515

Total 20,021,049,600

(Twenty Billion Twenty One Million Forty Nine Thousand Six

Hundred Birr)

7.5 The State of Benshangul/Gumuz

a) Domestic Source 3,542,958,540

b) External Assistance 128,235,926

Total 3,671,194,466

(Three Billion Six Hundred Seventy One Million One Hundred

Ninety Four Thousand Four Hundred Sixty Six Birr)

7.6 The State of the Southern Nations, Nationalities & Peoples

a) Domestic Source 32,124,288,890

b) External Assistance 150,124,533

Total 32,274,413,423

(Thirty Two Billion Two Hundred Seventy Four Million Four

Hundred Thirteen Thousand Four Hundred Twenty Three Birr)

7.8 The State of the Gambela Peoples

a) Domestic Source 2,522,286,854

b) External Assistance 145,849,014

Total                         2,668,135,868

(Two Billion Six Hundred Sixty Eight Million One Hundred Thirty Five Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty Eight Birr)

7.9 The State of the Harari People

a) Domestic Source 1,505,249,463

b) External Assistance 19,399,604

Total                          1,524,649,067

(One Billion Five Hundred Twenty Four Million Six Hundred Forty Nine Thousand Sixty Seven Birr)

7.10 Addis Ababa City Government

a) Domestic Source –

b) External Loan 3,324,316,465

c) External Assistance 16,094,011

 Total                        3,340,410,476

(Three Billion Three Hundred Forty Million Four Hundred Ten Thousand Four Hundred Seventy Six Birr)

7.11 Dire Dawa Administration Birr

a) Domestic Source 1,761,482,797

b) External Assistance 3,900,334

Total 1,765,383,131

(One Billion Seven Hundred Sixty Five Million Three Hundred Eighty Three Thousand One Hundred Thirty One Birr)

7.12 The State of Sidama

a) Domestic Source 8,043,025,374

b) External Assistance 25,577,981

Total 8,068,603,355

(Eight Billion Sixty Eight Million Six Hundred Three

Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Five Birr)

Article 8. Support for Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals

8.1 The State of Tigray                                   Birr

Domestic Source                            723,600,000

(Seven Hundred Twenty Three Million Six Hundred Thousand Birr)

8.2 The State of Afar

Domestic Source 362,400,000

(Three Hundred Sixty Two Million Four Hundred Thousand Birr)

8.3 The State of Amhara

Domestic Source 2,592,000,000

(Two Billion Five Hundred Ninety Two Million Birr)

8.4 The State of Oromia

Domestic Source 4,135,200,000

(Four Billion One Hundred Thirty Five Million Two Hundred

Thousand Birr)

8.5 The State of Somalia

Domestic Source 1,197,600,000

(One Billion One Hundred Ninety Seven Million Six Hundred Thousand Birr)

8.6 The State of Benshangul/Gumuz

Domestic Source 219,600,000

(Two Hundred Nineteen Million Six Hundred Thousand Birr)

8.7 The State of the Southern Nations, Nationalities &


Domestic Source 1,930,560,000

(One Billion Nine Hundred Thirty Million Five Hundred

Sixty Thousand Birr)

8.8 The State of the Gambela Peoples

Domestic Source 159,600,000

(One Hundred Fifty Nine Million Six Hundred Thousand Birr)

8.9 The State of the Harari People

Domestic Source 91,200,000

(Ninety One Million Two Hundred Thousand Birr)

8.10 Dire Dawa Administration

Domestic Source 105,600,000

(One Hundred Five Million Six Hundred Thousand Birr)

8.11 The State of Sidama

Domestic Source 482,640,000

(Four Hundred Eighty Two Million Six Hundred Forty Thousand Birr)

Schedules showing the detailed revenue and expenditure budget appropriated are attached to this proclamation.

Article 9 Effective Date

This proclamation shall enter into force as of 8th

July 2021.

Done at Addis Ababa, this ———- day of ——2021



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