Ethiopian Investment Board Industrial Parks Directive No. 06-2017

Ethiopian Investment Board Industrial Parks Directive No. 06-2017

This Directive is issued by the Ethiopian Investment Board in accordance with Article 32 (2) of
the Industrial Parks Proclamation No. 886/2015 and Article 38 (2) of the Industrial Parks
Regulations No. 417/2017.



1) Definition

1) In this Directive, unless the context otherwise requires:

 a) “Proclamation” means the Industrial Parks Proclamation No. 886/2015;

 b) “Regulations” means the Industrial Parks Council of Ministers Regulations No.

 c) “Board” means the Ethiopian Investment Board;

d) “Commission” means the Ethiopian Investment Commission;

e) “Authority” means the Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority;

f) “Industrial Parks Customs System” means a system that is permitted exclusively to an industrial park enterprise to enable it to purchase raw materials from abroad or customs territory, ship such materials to industrial park free from customs duty and tax, manufacture and supply the same to market in relation to which the enterprise has authorization;

2) Without prejudice to the definitions provided under sub-Article 1 of this Article, other terms and expressions used in this Directive shall have the meaning attributed to them in the definitional provisions, as appropriate, of the Proclamation or the Regulations.

2) Gender reference Provisions of this Directive set out in the masculine gender shall apply to the feminine gender.

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