Construction Certification and Registration Directive No. 648-2021 (Latest!)

Construction Certification and Registration Directive No. 648-2021

Issuing Authority

Ministry of Urban Development and Construction

Repealed Directives

  1. The Registration of Construction Professionals and Contractors Regulation No. 19/2005
  2. The Registration of Design Professionals and Consultants No. 22/2005.
  3. The requirements issued in accordance with Directive No. 19/05 and 22/05 are repealed

The construction industry is making a significant contribution to the country’s economic growth and one of the issues that will be further strengthened and solved is the development of laws and codes and procedures governing the industry and the timely improvement of the existing registration, certification and certification system. Failure to motivate professionals, as required during the renovation, does not guarantee the continuity of professional competence; Focusing on the equipment and office equipment, not on the experience of the construction companies, and the fact that the registration and certification system is not adding value to the problems in the industry and adding new responsibilities to the ministry.

By streamlining the certification and registration system; Encouraging job creation for novice graduates; Registration and certification requirements need to be redesigned to ensure that it is close to the outside world registration system and contributes to the growth and competitiveness of the industry, and that professionals and organizations are working on the basis of registration and certification certificates, correcting ethical problems and performance gaps and creating job opportunities for small and medium enterprises.

Construction Contractors and Professionals Registration Directive No. 19, 2011 in accordance with Article 22 of the Proclamation No. 1097/2019 of the Ministry of Urban Development and Construction, in order to build a competitive construction industry by creating a conducive environment for the industry to grow and become a medium and large enterprise. (2012) and the Design Professionals and Consultants Registration Directive No. 22/2012 and Article 5, Sub Article 6 of Regulation No. 439/2018, has been empowered to register and support the implementation of projects and to carry out its responsibilities.

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  1. This directive of Construction profesionals and contractors registration: 648/21 is a good one in looking the key focus of manpower (knowledge) as a way out. No country bloom by leaving the human capital. Besides, the way it express the JV modality is key for Contractors to see the available options and the way out to grasp mega projects. The increment of project turnover limitation not only increases the exposure of the companies toward big projects but also realize the current relistic project cost.

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