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Eritrean troops to Withdraw from Tigray Soon: Ethiopian Ambassador to UN

Ethiopian Ambassador to the United Nations, Taye Atsekelassie has said that Eritrean troops who took part in the fighting in the Tigray region will leave soon.

The ambassador did not say the exact date.

 “Some technical and operational issues remain for Eritrean troops to withdraw from Ethiopian territory,” said Ambassador Taye Atseke Selassie.

He said the Ethiopian government was committed to the withdrawal of Eritrean troops from Tigray and that “everything is clear on the Eritreans Side.”

The ambassador made the remarks after UN Security Council chief Mark Lowcock told the Security Council that “unless the Eritrean army withdraws from the conflict, no one should be surprised if a catastrophic famine of 1977 returns.”

 Ambassador Taye also gave explanations about the Ethiopian government’s commitment to improving the humanitarian situation in the Tigray region, the situation of humanitarian and assistance, the ongoing investigation into alleged human rights violations in Tigray.

 Video Credit: United Nations

Source: @tikvahethiopia

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  1. I hoped the reconciliation would work and bring result on both Ethiopian and Eritrean side . This lacked legal framework.

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