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National Elections Board of Ethiopia denied Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) pass card to observe the upcoming election

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) was preparing to observe the upcoming elections for human rights compliance. But its request to attend polling stations was rejected by National Elections Board of Ethiopia. 

In a written response issued on June 7, the Electoral Board stated that the Commission was authorized to monitor human rights during the election.  However, it will not be able to issue pass card to polling stations due to the fact that the name of the commission was not mentioned in Proclamation 1162/2011.

In a statement issued today, the board’s head of communications, Soliana Shimels, said: “Both Institutions are established as an independent government institution. We provide badges to those we supervise.”

Ms. Soliana, added “The board will issue a pass card to enter polling stations, to those entities mentioned in proclamation 1162/2011, and the commission is not one of them.

She argued the proclamation does not stipulate issuing pass card to government institutions that have parallel authority as the Board.

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