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Federal Courts Partially Open on Election Day

Federal Courts will remain partially open on Monday, June 26, 2013 to deal with election-related cases that need urgent court decisions.

Federal Courts i.e. First Instance, High Court, and the Federal Supreme Court, based on their jurisdiction emanating from the Electoral and Political Parties Proclamation have been resolving election-related disputes by organizing 26 benches.

Similarly, on the day of the national election, they will be partially open to adjudicate election-related criminal and civil cases.

Accordingly, All First Instance Division benches including Dire Dawa division bench and Arada remand bench will hold all scheduled hearings. In the Federal High Court, the Lideta Division Court and the Arada Division Court are open for election hearings, whereas in the Federal Supreme Court two election benches will remain open.

On the other hand, ordinary cases adjourned on Election Day in the Federal High Court and First Instance will be heard the following day, Tuesday, June 15, 2013. Scheduled appointment dates for Federal Supreme Court cases will be announced on the court’s website and via SMS.

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