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A Few Things about the Election Day | National Election Board of Ethiopia

Source: A Few Things about the Election Day | National Election Board of Ethiopia

What are some of the activities that are prohibited on Election Day?

  • Anyone intoxicated within a distance of 200 meters from the polling station; in possession of a weapon or in any other state of disturbance;
  • Non-voters and those who have already voted should not be present at the polling station
  • Anyone entering the polling station without permission
  • Disrupting election activities inside and outside the polling station compound
  • Conducting election campaigning activity

What are the things that cannot be taken into the polling station?

  • It is not allowed to bring a leaflet, poster, and any other election campaign documents into the polling station.
  • Weapons, sharp objects such as knives and scissors, or any other local materials used for violence as sticks, whips, pieces of wood or metal, or any other combustible and explosive solid materials, or any liquid should not be taken into the polling station.
  • A voter who brought the above prohibited materials to the polling station must follow the guidelines given by the polling station security officials that the materials must be left outside of the polling station or entrusted with the officials.
June 20, 2021

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