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The election in numbers


The 6th national election will be held in 673 constituencies in the regions and city administrations mentioned below.

  • Addis Ababa City
  • Afar Region 
  • Amhara Region
  • Benshangul Gumuz Region
  • Dire dawa City
  • Gambella Region
  • Harari Region
  • Oromia Region
  • Sidama Region
  • SNNPR Region
  • Somali Region

547   Total number of Federal Constituencies (HOF Seats)

445 Seats election will be held on June 14

64 seats election will be held on September 6 (Harari Region /Jegol/, Somali Region, Benishangul Gumuz Region /Metekel, Shinasha, Kamash, Daleti/, Amhara Region /Majete, Aregoba, Shewa Robit, Efeson, Chilga, Anekober/, Oromia /Begi, Segno Gebeya, Ayana, Gelila, Alibo, Gidami, Kombolcha/, Sothern Region /Surma Special zone, Dizi, Key Afer, Majet, Sheko, Tepi)

38 Seats No vote (Constituencies in Tigray Region)

Polling Stations

49,407 Total Number of  Polling Stations

Addis Ababa City – 1,848

Afar Region – 1,432

Amhara Region – 12,199

Benshangul Gumuz Region – 699

Diredawa City – 305

Gambella Region – 431

Harari Region – 285

Oromia Region – 17,623

Sidama Region – 2,247

SNNPR Region – 8,281

Somali Region – 4,057

Election Officials

254,000 total number of election officials

6    Number of polling officers in one polling station (5 officials and 1 COVID-19 health Professional)

Registered Voters

37 million 408,600 Total Number of Registered voters

20 million 317 thousand 472     Male Registered Voters

17 million 91 thousand 128       Female Registered Voters

Political Parties and Candidates

47 Number of political parties who have submitted candidates

8,209 number of political party candidates

125 number of private candidates

(Source: National Election Board and media)

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