National Animal Genetic Improvement Institute Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation No. 422-2018

Council of Ministers Regulation 422/2018


 This Regulation is issued by the Council of Ministers pursuant to Article 38 of the Definition of Powers and Duties of the Executive Organs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Proclamation No.916/2015

  1.Short Title

     This Regulation may be cited as the “National Animal Genetic Improvement Institute Establishment Council of Ministers Regulation No. 422-2018”

   2.  Definition

        In this Regulation  unless the context otherwise requires:

             1/“Animal” means domesticated animal that can produce food items and used for draught/traction power and includes cattle, sheep, goat, camel, chicken, pig, equines, rabbit and other similar animals;

            2/  “Animal product” means a products that is obtained directly or indirectly from animals for human or animal consumption, or for industrial inputs and includes meat, milk, honey, butter,  eggs, hair, hide, skin, pack or traction draught power and other similar products;

             3/ “Breed” means a group of animals that have common phenotypic and genotypic characteristics, can be transmitted to the next generations;

            4/ “Semen” means an ejaculate collected artificially from male reproductive tract and processed and packed in straws; it also includes a fresh ejaculate collected artificially from male reproductive tract to be used immediately;


           5/ “Embryo” means a fertilized egg by spermatozoon collected from female reproductive tract (uterus);

         6/ “Fertile egg” means cells resulting from the union of ovum and spermatozoon that develops to embryo;

            7/ “Cross breeding” means mating of two or more different breeds to obtain improved genotypes;

8/ “Breed improvement” means  enhancement of animal productivity through selection, cross breeding or both;

       9/ “Breed improvement input” means biological or technical equipment employed to develop products and productivity and includes live breeding animals, semen, embryo, fertile egg, and reproduction equipment;

            10/ “Minister” and “Ministry” means the Minister and    Ministry of   Livestock and Fisheries Resource, respectively;

            11/ Any expression in the masculine gender includes the feminine

  3 . Establishment

  1/ The National Animal Genetic Improvement Institute (hereinafter referred as the “Institute”) is here by established as an autonomous Federal Government Institute having its own legal personality.

       2/    The Institute shall be accountable to the Ministry.

   4. Head Office

         The Institute shall have its head office in AddisAbaba and may have    branch offices elsewhere, as maybe necessary.

     5. Objectives

          The main objectives of the Institute shall be to increase production and productivity of animals, and there by ensure increased farmers income and economic transformation of the country through breed improvement and continual supply of improved animal genotype

   6. Powers and Duties of the Institute

      The Institute shall have the following powers and duties:

       1/ Undertake research and study on increasing production and productivity of animals     through breed improvement and continual supply of improved animal genotype, work towards technology transfer.

        2/ Prepare national breeding policy, programs and strategy;     implement same upon approved by the Government and follow up their implementation at regions;


    3/ Import and domestically produce and breed quality and standardized breed improvement inputs and ensures their appropriate supplies;

        4/ Ensure sufficient availability of liquid nitrogen and other necessary breeding inputs for semen preservation in semen banks, for field operation purposes and follow up its execution; 

      5/ Design national animal breeding plan and follow up its implementation;  

    6/ Collect breed improvement data, establish natial animal breed recording system, set up database,develop webpages and follow up its implementation;

  7/  Process data and analyses the impact of breed improvement on genetic gain, productivity and give advices and feedback to users;

   8/  Establish, organize and lead animal breeding centers that contribute for genetic improvement; provide advice to Government on genetic improvement;   

9/ Disseminate breed improvement activities on public media, webpages, fliers, posters and through other knowledge sharing means and follow up its outcome; 

     10/  Establish synergy between the Institute and other stake holders and report the output to the concerned body, give technical support;

     11/ Provide technical trainings for beneficiaries improved breed; organize workshops, symposia and seminars concerning animal breed improvement, facilitate experience sharing programs among stakeholders involved in animal breed improvement;

   12/  Lead animal resources registration, movement, exchange and uses in consonance with international conventions;

     13/ Collect cost recovery fees from proceeds of breed improvement inputs pursuant to the rate determined by the Government;

    14/ Own property, enter into contracts, sue and be sued in   its own name; 

   15/ Perform other related activities necessary for the attainment of its objective

      7.Organization of the Institute

            The Institute shall have:-

              1/   An Advisory Board (hereinafter the “Board”);


2 /  A Director General and Deputy Director Generals, as may   be necessary, to be appointed by the Government;

3/     The necessary staffs.

        8. Members of the Board

Members of the Board, including the chairperson, shall be drawn from Ministry of  Livestock and Fisheries, livestock research institutions, higher education institutes, biodiversity institute, other stake holders and professional associations and nominated by the Minister and be assigned by the Government; and their number shall be determined as appropriate.

        9.Duties and responsibilities of the Board

            The Board shall advice the Institute, among other strategic issues, on the following matters:

     1/    On national breeding policy, breeding improvement programs, strategy and implementations guidelines;

     2/    Importation of quality breed improvement inputs, adaptation, domestic production, multiplication and dissemination;

     3/    Domestic and improved animal breeds characterization, selection, multiplication, registration and utilization;

           4/   On animal resources movement, exchange and utilization;         and on the implementation of international agreements.

 10. Duties and responsibilities of the Director  General

              1/ The Director General shall, subject to the general direction of the Board, be the chief executive officer of the Institute and shall direct and administer the activities of the Institute.

             2/  Without the prejudice to the generality of sub article (1) of this Article, the Director General shall:-

  a)  Exercise the powers and duties of the Institute specified under Article 6 of this Regulation;

b) Employ and administer employees in accordance with the federal civil service laws;

 c) Prepare and submit annual plan and budget of the Institute to the Ministry and implement same upon approval by the Government;

 d) Effect expenditure in accordance with the approved budget and work program of the Institute;

                      e)  Represent the Institute in all its dealings with third party;

 f)  Prepare and submit to the Ministry the quarterly and annual performance and financial reports of the Institute; 


g)  Plan and organize capacity building programs of the institute, monitor and follow up its success;

         3/ The Director General may delegate part of his duties and responsibilities to the deputy Director Generals or employees of the Institute to the extent necessary for the efficient performance of the activities of the Institute.

    11.Power and Duties of Deputy Director Generals

           The Deputy Director Generals of the Institute:

           1 / Direct and administer the department assigned to them in accordance with the institute’s organizational structure;

  2/    Perform tasks assigned to them by the Director General;

                3/   Unless the Director General delegates otherwise, the senior Deputy Director General shall act on behalf of the Director General in his absence.


The budget of the Institute shall be drawn from the following sources:

                  1/  Budget allocated by the Government;

               2/ Money from internally collected fees, as   permitted pursuant to the directives of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation.

     13.Books of Accounts

          1/ The Institute shall keep complete and accurate books of account.

          2/ The Institute’s books of account and financial documents shall be audited annually by the Federal Auditor General or an auditor to be assigned by the Federal Auditor General.

      14.Power to Issuance of Directives

The Institute shall Prepare national animal genetic improvement directives and submit to the Ministry and implement same upon approval.

      15.Effective Date

This Regulation  shall enter into force on the date of publication in     the Federal Negarit Gazetee.

Done at Addis Ababa, this 20th Day of January, 2018.



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