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Tigray State Interim Administration calls for ceasefire agreement


Tigray State Interim Administration calls on the federal government to enter into a ceasefire agreement on humanitarian grounds.

Tigray Regional State Interim Administration Chief Executive Officer Abraham Belay (Dr.) in an interview with Ethiopian News Agency stated that as the summer draws to a close, Tigray farmers need to stabilization to plough their farms, provide humanitarian assistance to the needy without any problems, and reach a federal government with a ceasefire agreement.

The interim administration made the request last week after a series of consultations with state representatives, bureaus and zonal leaders, Tigrayans, Tigray scholars, investors and religious leaders on the current situation in the region.

Abraham Belay said the complex problem posed by the terrorist group to the region and the country is not only military but also political, economic and social. He said various solutions have been taken by the federal government and the interim administration of Tigray.

He said that in addition to taking legal action, the perpetrators of the crime have been brought to justice.

Recalling the steps being taken by the interim administration and the federal government; He further added that there is a need to consider political options and take remedial measures.

He said if the region’s farmers do not start farming this summer, the seed season will pass and the farmer will continue live in a dire situation on for years to come.

According to him Dr. Abraham, the Ethiopian government has spent more than 100 billion birr on aid, government services and infrastructure in recent months.

He noted that this has a significant impact on the country’s overall economy, especially the impact on other regions. He cited the Regional state’s support for the of the Tigray State as an example.

He also said that the situation has improved and more favorable conditions have been created for those who claim to be providing assistance.

He further said that talks have been held with the government on the need for additional political options to ensure that humanitarian assistance is delivered and that the displaced return home safely.

“Based on this, we have submitted a nine-point request to the federal government,” he said.

He said the ceasefire agreement will enable the farmer to plow, provide humanitarian aid and relief supplies to the needy, and repair the homes of the displaced.

He pointed out that some of the forces in the desert are now looking for a way to peace. He explained that it was important to give this force a chance.

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