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Procedure of Application For Merger Notification

Competent Organ

FDRE Trade Competition and Consumer Protection Authority, Merger and Acquisitions Department is in charge of processing applications for merger.

Requirements of Merger Notification

1.      A merger notification (letter) shall contain the following:

  • Date
  • The name and address of the merging parties,
  • Place of business,
  • The trade the parties propose to carry on,
  • The conditions of merger,
  • Amount of capital of the proposed merger,
  • A list of documents submitted, the signature of the notifying parties or their authorized representatives and official seal;

2.      When the merger applicants are business organizations the following shall be fulfilled:

  • A renewed trade license/commercial registration certificate;
  • A valid memorandum and article of association;
  • An original minute stating that the applicants are desirous to merge (resolution) with seal and signature of shareholders (board of directors);
  • Copy of last minute which shows the capital amount of company which already registered on the business license
  • The official seals of the respective merging parties to be stamped on the notification form;
  • A valid power of attorney; in the case of foreign business organizations or foreign nationals working in a joint venture with domestic investors the documents compliance with the requirements of the investment proclamation in force.
  • The documents submitted by foreign organizations must be authenticated, as appropriate …by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Federal Documents Authentication and Registration Agency
  • The audit reports expected from any business organization must be approved by registered accountants/auditors.

3.      When the merger applicants are individuals who wish to purchase shares or securities from a business organization:

  • A valid identification card/passport of the applicant,
  • The value in Ethiopian Birr of the share, asset or security the intends to purchase (supported by minutes or a letter),
  • A valid power of attorney; compliance with the requirements of the investment proclamation for foreign applicants and other related information and documents.
  • The official seals of the company which the transaction is happening on the notification form;

Mode of Submission of Application

Applicants may submit their application to the Authority through post, email, fax or physically in person or through representative.

Click HERE to apply online.

Language of application

All applications should be submitted in Amharic. Documents prepared in other languages should be translated to Amharic


An applicant aggrieved by the decision of the Authority may submit an appeal Trade Practice and Consumer Protection Administrative Court within 30 days from the date the decision was given.

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