Telecommunications Licensing Directive


WHEREAS  a  legal  framework  for  licensing  that  will  allow  for  an  effective  and  efficient licensing  process  is  necessary  for  the  operation  of  Telecommunications  systems, infrastructures, and Telecommunications Services;

UNDERSTANDING  the  requirement  to  formulate  a  framework  that allows  the  Authority to  supervise  Telecommunications  Operators  and  modify,  renew,  suspend,  and  revoke licenses;

RECOGNIZING  the  importance  of  distinguishing  between  the  various  types  of  licenses, including class and individual licenses, and the terms and conditions that accompany them;

NOW,  THERFORE,  the  Authority  hereby  issues  Telecommunications  Licensing  Directive in accordance with Ethiopian Communication Service Proclamation No.1148/2019, Articles 6(2), 6(7), 20(2), 20(4), and 52(4).  

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