FOB Directive for Deciding Import Goods and Importers Obliged or Not to Import on FOB Term

WHEREAS, the multimodal transport operators commercial licensing & competency certification directive no 802/2021 issued by the Ministry of Transport & Logistics deals partly with the nomination of carriers for imports concluded on FOB term. Following this it has become essential to determine the condition and service area of the carriers licensed to transport imports concluded on FOB term.

WHEREAS, the need to decide import shipments and importers that must and must not be obliged to import on FOB term and centrally manage and monitor the waiver system, the service level and service fee of carriers licensed to transport shipments obliged to be imported on FOB term.

WHEREAS, it has been decided by the council of Minsters to review the existing FOB system including nomination of carriers at its extraordinary session held on May 7, 2020.

NOW THEREFORE, the Ministry of Transport & Logistics, in accordance with the powers vested in it through Article 18 (b) of the proclamation no 549/2007, has issued this directive

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