The first Law Firm License in Ethiopia issued to Habesha Legal Advocates LP

The Ministry of Justice has issued the first license of the Ethiopian Bar Association to Habesha Legal Advocates LP. He gave.

It is also noted that the license was issued in accordance with the Federal Advocacy and Licensing Proclamation No. 1249/2013. The Ministry of Justice recalled that it has been working with the new Ethiopian Federal Bar Association and other stakeholders to fully implement the proclamation by creating detailed procedures and regulations, including the creation of manpower and resources.

Habesha Leal Advocates LP

According to Article 37 of the new Lawyers Law, at least two or more law-abiding lawyers can form a law firm together. FDRE State Minister for Law and Justice Services, Alemante Agdew, He said it builds confidence and provides better guarantees. The Ministry of Justice, The information obtained from the website indicates that if the applicants look at the details of the proclamation and meet the requirements, they will be granted a lawyer’s license.


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