Pension law

Private Organization Employees’ Pension Proclamation No. 1268-2022



WHEREAS, it is part of the country’s social policy to expand the social security system and reach citizens step by step;

WHEREAS, it is found necessary by strengthening and improving private organization employees’ pension scheme and pension fund to ensure the reliability and sustainability;

WHEREAS, in line with the country rapid economic and social development, the system needs to adapt and update to benefit citizens;

WHEREAS, the expansion and consolidation of the system will significantly contribute to social justice, industrial peace, poverty reduction and development;

NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with Article 55(1) of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, it is hereby proclaimed as follows:

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  1. በቃ መንግስት እኔ አልፈልግም ካልኩ እና እድሉን በ2003 በሰጠኝ መመሪያ መሠረት ቀጠልኩኝ በግድ ይዘርፈኛል እንዴ ፈቃዴ አይጠየቅም ፡፡ ይሄ ከሌብነት አይተናነስም ስራውን ለቅቄ ለማኝ መሆን ይሻለኛል ከሚሰጥ

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