Cassation Decisions

Objection to Trademark Registration by Foreign Companies C-F-N 193292

Ethiopia’s Commercial Registration and Protection Proclamation and other intellectual property laws of the country are formulated in accordance with international agreements. It is a proven fact that the country has been conducting trademark registration and related activities for a long time giving recognition to foreigners of those rights and obligations afforded its citizens. Therefore foreigners / foreign companies / can file an objection regarding trademark registration in Ethiopia.

The principle of reciprocity means that even if there is no clear agreement between countries, one country respects the rights and obligations it imposes on its citizens to other countries. The trademark registration and protection proclamation No. 501/98 under article 3 states, that the principle of reciprocity should be interpreted to mean that if another country does not provide to Ethiopians the same trademark registration and protection provided to its citizens, neither the citizens nor organizations of that country can request to have their trademarks registered and protected in Ethiopia, nor can they benefit from the related rights.

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