About Me & Ethiopian Legal Brief

My name is Abrham Yohannes.

I am a lecturer at the College of Law, Haramaya University and a lawyer licensed to practice law at all levels of Federal Courts and Harari Regional Courts.

I started this blog to create an easy access of information for anyone interested in Ethiopian law and legal system. Here you will find proclamations (1995-2011) regulations, directives and decisions of the Federal Supreme Court of Ethiopia, Cassation bench. There are also additional materials primarily for Ethiopian law schools. The teaching materials page provides free access to law school teaching materials prepared under the supervision and sponsorship of Justice and Legal System Research Institute. law modules prepared by justice Organs Professionals Training center are also available on the judicial training modules page.

It is just nine months I started this blog. However, within this relatively short period of time, it is proving to be an important source of information for a growing number of visitors. The monthly site stats for the June-2011 i.e. first month of blogging was 200 views. And it was 11,000 for last month (September 2011.) [300,000 on June 2012]

More is yet to come. Still I don’t feel like I am blogging. Until now, I gave more priority to uploading and sharing different legal and scholarly materials than writing. Now, I think it is time. As a law teacher and a lawyer there is a lot to write about.

 Abrham Yohannes

lawyer and consultant

mobile Phone: +251 915 735560





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  1. hy dear Abrshi am happy to meet you even if i am still LLB student but i want to give a profound gratitude to you for your great contribution of uploading relevant thesis, proclamations and teaching materials if you are voluntary i want to work with you please contact me 2510948657134

  2. aberesh thanks a lot for ur great countribution for law student .aberesh please send me legal format samble other than those posted in abyssinia law.com but the sampl written in amharic i wait ur anser soon

  3. Hi Abraham,
    I find out your blog by chance while looking for proclamation about salary of public servants of Ethiopia using google search. I am economist by profession and may not be too much interested on legal stuffs. But for my study I need to refer proclamations related to minimum wage of public servants. I would appreciate if you post or send me proclamation related to Ethiopian minimum wage of public servant!
    Your blog sounds interesting and keep on it!

  4. Hi Dear Abraham. It is by a very good coincidence that i came to know about your blog. A friend of mine informed me of your blog while i was searching for a certain proclamation. Your are an exemplary professional as a citizen, a good Ethiopian being unselfish who really wants his citizens to get hold of legal materials for reference and knowledge.
    Please keep it up
    God bless you

  5. Concerning Ethiopian Law, till now as a citizen, i could only two Ehiopians: Ato Abdu Ali Hijira of the Sheger FM 102.1 e brave brother Abraham Y.. Keep it right UP!

  6. Abraham how are u ? thanks for your greet response .then i ask one thing how to use legal forms ?

  7. it is nice of you, in endeavoring to make accessible almost all legal books and statutes. keep it up. and finally there are materials that are available in the list but unable to open, please do what you can to make it accessible

  8. abrish am very proud of u i don’t have a word to express my felling…….. u were my adviser u r so positive that is why u contribute great thing for ur country keep it up u can do more

  9. Hi Abrish,
    I shared You & the Ethiopian Legal Brief page in LinkedIn to the wider audience.
    Hope you don’t mind.

    Dereje L.

  10. Hello,i wanted to ask u about the two staged bidding in administrative contracts and a sample notice.thank you!

  11. Hi Abrham How Do you do? please post Federal Universities Council of Ministers Regulation No.210/2011 and Bahir Dar University Re-establishing Regulation No.233/2011

  12. hi Abrham! how do you do? i am badly in need of the following two regulations if possible please attach it to ur blog. these are Federal Universities Council of Ministers Regulation No.210/2011 and Bahir Dar University Re-establishment Regulation No.233/2011. Thank you!

  13. Hi Abrham, Thank you so much for this priceless resource. This is a great help especially for those of us who are oversees and have the need to refer to Ethiopian laws frequently. I am proud to tell that you were my classmate :). Keep up the great work!!

  14. Abresh nice help for Ethiopian peoples!! i hope everybody, who can see this blog can understand about our Low. I am happy for u. wish u all the best and expect more form you.God bless you and ur family!

  15. Hi Abrham, I stumbled into your website while searching if there is such a thing called trust law in Ethiopia. Can you help?

  16. Thank you very much Abri for making it easy to get all laws and teaching materials at one place. Really I’m the first beneficiary of the Ethiopian Blog. It was very thought full of you to remember to prepare this blog for all Ehiopians specially for law student it is of greater importance. /Yohannes Wonde , Law student at University of Gondar./

  17. This site includes all the things i needed with just a click away.Seeing the ups and downs we face in the Ethiopian justice system, this is is a huge step forward. And i feel so honored to find out the guy behind all this is my professor.Our greatness lies behind the great things we do thank you.

  18. Tremendous effort you made. By my side I have got relevant and enough info. Thanks a lot. Include regional enactments as far as possible.

  19. i have found this site to be very useful. Thank you for your effort and geneorosity. Keep it up

  20. hey am glad to be a part, i want you explain about an acting allowances. am gov org employee for 2 and more than years am assigning a higher position but they only pay me position allowances. but still my salary is less than posititon i assigned, and i heard that they have to pay me the differences b/n salary of assigned positon and my current salary can you explain and clear me abou the event? 10q

  21. Hi Abrish! All these are important to create legal awarenesses. We can say that u are the father of our legal know how! Live a life forever! Thank You!

  22. Really, really I appreciate.It is a very nice to make a person who know and familiar in Ethiopian law!!!!.
    I am a third year law student in ENTOTO TEVET college AA. so you help me at the right time by this bloge………..10 QUUUUUU!!!!!!!

  23. a prosper mind generate prosper result which flows for all like non drainage river.

    Thank you for your service!

  24. Abrish, ur commitment @this blog appreciate z scriptural taught that the wise man,Solomon, said: “It is not good to have a zeal without knowledge,nor to be hasty & miss the way.” @ Proverb 9:2 I want to say God bless you with wealth of wise, understanding & knowledge. Abrish your effort to equip us with burden towards the dev’t of qualifed justice in our country has been revealed today than what u did @ HU.

  25. I am heartily appreciate your effort to make such site which is useful to access a lot of information from one pocket.I believe that it will solve a lot of problem in getting information like proclamation,regulation directives and bids as well as website of other government offices that couldn’t be reach easily by other means .I gain, I’m proud of you and wish all the best

  26. Hi Abrish,
    I must say that you are doing a marvelous job. Especially for those of us who do research on Ethiopia from abroad, your blog is an indispensable source of information.
    keep the flag flying man!
    Sisay Alemahu

  27. You are teaching not only in Haramaya University ,but also throughout the world.Any one who is in need of knowing Ethiopian Laws and policies can benefit a lot from your endeavor.
    Thanks so much!!!

  28. You have no idea how happy I am! Am so grateful to you, I have always dreamed about compiling law materials and put them in a fine software program like Encarta or alike. I graduated at Unity UNiversity almost 4 years ago. However I had been working on a newspaper writing a column called “ye hig yebelayinet”. If you didn’t notice, the website “ethiopar.net”, which was my only source for Ethiopian laws, is not working at this time. On the other hand, God bless, we got you. Please contact me, I might have an idea to promot this blog country wide.

  29. Excellent blog! And your English is superb. Glad to know that people such as you are teaching in unis.

    We can do something together in future.

    • Thanks for the comment. 2merkato.com is the leading Ethiopian site providing customized information to the business community. I frequently visit your site recommend it to those in need of a complete guide about doing business in Ethiopia. I believe there is a lot we can do together!

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