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My name is Abrham Yohannes.

I am a lecturer at the College of Law, Haramaya University and a lawyer licensed to practice law at all levels of Federal Courts and Harari Regional Courts.

I started this blog to create an easy access of information for anyone interested in Ethiopian law and legal system. Here you will find proclamations (1995-2011) regulations, directives and decisions of the Federal Supreme Court of Ethiopia, Cassation bench. There are also additional materials primarily for Ethiopian law schools. The teaching materials page provides free access to law school teaching materials prepared under the supervision and sponsorship of Justice and Legal System Research Institute. law modules prepared by justice Organs Professionals Training center are also available on the judicial training modules page.

It is just nine months I started this blog. However, within this relatively short period of time, it is proving to be an important source of information for a growing number of visitors. The monthly site stats for the June-2011 i.e. first month of blogging was 200 views. And it was 11,000 for last month (September 2011.) [300,000 on June 2012]

More is yet to come. Still I don’t feel like I am blogging. Until now, I gave more priority to uploading and sharing different legal and scholarly materials than writing. Now, I think it is time. As a law teacher and a lawyer there is a lot to write about.

 Abrham Yohannes

lawyer and consultant

mobile Phone: +251 915 735560




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