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Debre Tabor University


Debre Tabor University was established in 2008 by Regulation No. 229 Debre Tabor University Establishment Regulation.

On July, 20/2011(23/11/2003 Eth.c), The Board of the University was organized and started to give direction based on Proclamation No 650/2001.

Then, the assigned presidents started to employ teachers and admin workers as per the responsibilities and obligations of the Ministry of Civil Service. This helped the university to employ 114 M 10 F Total 124 teachers, and 51 M 20 F Total 71 administration workers. This number gradually grew to 383 teachers and 420 admin workers in 2015(2007Eth.c)

In line with students, their population also geometrically increased from 628 in 2011(2004) to 9,224 in 2015 (2007 Eth.C).

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Debre Tabor, Amhara Regional State

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