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Ethiopian Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Authority


In accordance with Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Proclamation No. 661/2009, the Authority is provided with a mandate to regulate the 4Ps (Practice, Premises, Professionals and Products). In addition to this, all elements that need to be regulated are mentioned here. All these regulatory activities are decentralized and functional throughout all regions and woredas of the country.

Practice: Health care practices
Premises: Which includes, Healthcare facilities, Food establishments, Medicine Facilities, Health related Facilities, Port inspection sites and Health related facilities
Professional: all Health professionals
Product: From production up-to consumption of Medicines, Medical equipments and devices, Food and Food supplements, Herbal products, Cosmetics, Complimentary and traditional Medicines.

The staff composition in the Authority includes public health professionals, nurse, medical laboratory technologist, environmental health professional, general medical practitioner, health science professional, pharmacist, data administrator, librarian, Agro-chemist, health science technician, medical equipment maintenance engineer and Information technologist. The authority is structured into Managerial and Enforcement wings which helps to promote the check and balance between different directorates. Its mandates are clearly stated in a proclamation 661/2009. The council of Ministers has approved the naming of the regulatory Authority as the “Ethiopian Food, Medicine and Health care Administration and Control Authority” The vision; mission, objectives, and powers and duties of the authority are shown below. Vision “Quality health services and products to all citizens.” Mission “To promote and protect the public health by ensuring safety and quality of products and health service through registration, licensing and inspection of health professionals, pharmaceuticals food establishments and health institutions and provision of up-to-date regulatory information while promoting rational medicine use.”


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