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FDRE palace administration

Name: FDRE palace administration

Establishment Act

Proclamation No. 459/2005 Palace Administration Establishment Proclamation

The “Yegibi Minister” was the office that was administering the palace and its properties since the office established through proclamation no.17 , 1957 as Ministry of Imperial Court (Yegibi Minister). During the rule of the Derg regime ( Provisional Military Government of Ethiopia) , it was renamed as The National Palace Administration and most of the time it was accountable to the Office of the President of the Country. In the year 2005, through proclamation no. 459/2005 the office re-established as an autonomous government organ having its own legal personality, and offered its new title “FDRE’s Palace Administration” The FDRE Palace Administration is accountable to the Prime Minister.

The FDRE palace administration is a governmental body responsible to administer national palaces and all other regional palaces.

Objective & Responsibility

To administer the National Palace and all other Palaces.
Preserve articles of cultural heritage belonging to palaces, and carry out the necessary maintenance work relating thereto;
Use place establishments and articles of cultural heritage for purposes of tourist attraction; provided however, that such use shall not cause any threat to their safety;
Organize and execute state receptions when conducted in the palace;
Own property, enter into contract, sue and be sued in its own name;
Perform other lawful activities necessary for the fulfillment of its objectives;


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