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Ministry of Public Enterprises


The Federal Democratic Government of Ethiopia is striving hard with a vision to make the country a middle income economy. In line with this approach and to enable public enterprises compete globally, the Ministry of Public Enterprises has been established by the proclamation to provide for the definition of powers and duties of executive organs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia ( proclamation no.916/2015).

The Ministry oversees and assists public enterprises who are accountable to other governmental bodies by studying their strengths and weaknesses and by sharing international experiences. Regarding enterprises accountable to it, the Ministry will ensure that they have developed strategic and annual plan consistent with policies, strategies and economic goals of the government, approve plans and monitors their implementation. It also conducts the Privatization Program side by side.

Therefore, the powers and duties which were given to the Privatization and Public Enterprises Supervising Agency by Proclamation No.25/1992 and with respect to public enterprises and shares to be privatized, and the powers and duties given to the Privatization Board by Proclamation No. 412/2004 are given to the Ministry of Public Enterprises.

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