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Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity


The Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity of Ethiopia is a federal organization established to undertake the management of water resources, water supply and sanitation, large and medium scale irrigation and electricity. The Ministry is a regulatory body which involves the planning, development and management of resources, preparation and implementation of guidelines, strategies,  polices, programs, and sectoral laws and regulations. It also, conducts study and research activities, provides technical support to regional water and energy bureaus and especial support to four emerging regions (Gambella, Benishangul-Gumuth, Afar and Somali). In the case of transboundary water resources and regional developments pertinent to the sector, it engages in the negotiation and the signing of international agreements.

The Ministry is headed by a Minister and three State Ministers. The State Minsters are managing: Water Supply and Sanitation Sector, Irrigation and Drainage Sector and Electricity Sector.

Core areas of the services include the followings:

Water supply and sanitation,
Medium and large scale irrigation and drainage,
Electricity study and design,
Dam safety and hydropower,
River basin study,
Trans-boundary water affairs,
Groundwater study and development,
Water quality and hydrology,
Water use permit and licensing,
Water sector research and development

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