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Trade Competition and Consumers’ Protection Authority

Name: Trade Competition and Consumers’ Protection Authority
Description: To ensure free market system and prevent unfair trade practices, the Trade Practices Investigation Commission has been fulfilling its duties entrusted to it in accordance with Proclamation No. 329/2003; and, Trade Practices and Consumers’ Protection Authority was established pursuant to Proclamation No. 685/2010, by amending and rectifying the loopholes of the former.
Proclamation No. 685/2010 provided for Trade Practices and Consumer Protection was one in which the loopholes in the earlier proclamation No. 329/2003 where somewhat lessened. Nonetheless, the phrase “Trade Practice” in the proclamation was found to be not compatible with the mandates and duties entrusted to the Authority and the Authority that has been established to effect the implementation of the Proclamation didn’t have the power to investigate into the violations of the provisions of the proclamation and bring charges against transgressors; the adjudicating tribunal of the Authority couldn’t impose fines with regard to the cases in dwells on; In addition, as financial and imprisonment penalties are tough and redundant, as the limitations of the provisions proclaimed in the proclamation have posed obstacles to the process of implementation. the fact that the implementation of the proclamation with regard to Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa cities has certain loopholes; as well as the limitations related to the pertaining appellate procedures, it is established as Trade competition and Consumers’ Protection Authority pursuant to the new Proclamation No. 813/2013.
Upon its establishment, the institution has made use of international best practices as an input. among these are the major ones the experiences of FTC in the USA, EU, Singapore, Malaysia, Botswana, India, Australia, and South Africa in fair trade and consumer statutes and efforts have been made to scrutinize and analyze these experiences and to map them and adopt them given the contexts and the realities on the ground in the country. Accordingly, since the year 2012, the Authority has been fulfilling its duties and exercising the power vested to it in accordance with the Proclamation.
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