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Veterinary Drug and Animal Feed Administration and Control Authority is established under the regulation number 272/2012. The authorVeterinary Drug and Animal Feed Administration and Control Authority is established under the regulation number 272/2012. The authority started working June 2013.ity started working June 2013.

The Authority shall have the powers and duties to:

 prepare and submit to the competent organ standards for the safety, efficacy and quality of veterinary drugs and the safety and quality of feed and feed additives and, upon approval, follow up the implementation and observance of same;
 set standards of competence for persons to engage in veterinary drug or feed trade; issue certificates of competence to those referred to in sub-article(2)(b) of Article 3 of this proclamation; and renew, suspend or revoke certificates in accordance with this proclamation and regulations and directives issued hereunder;
evaluate and register veterinary drugs and feed additives to be produced in the country or imported; and renew, suspend or revoke a registration in accordance with this proclamation and regulations and directives issued hereunder;
prepare list of veterinary drugs and feed additives for the country, structure the drugs and feed    additives  in the list in to different  categories, revise the list whenever necessary;
 formulate policies and legislation governing veterinary drugs and feed and, upon approval by the government, follow  up  their implementation
promote and strength the veterinary drug and animal feed sector by monitoring domestic and foreign  new scientific inventions and adapting them to the country's specific conditions;
evaluate laboratory and clinical studies in order to ensure the  safety, efficacy and quality of traditional  veterinary drugs; and authorize the use of traditional veterinary drugs in the veterinary service;
 serve as veterinary drug and feed information center; disseminate veterinary drug and feed information center; disseminate veterinary drug and feed information to professionals and the public; ensure the accuracy and relevance of information disseminate by others; and prohibit dissemination of ambiguous or erroneous information;
 authorize the conducting of clinical trial of veterinary drugs and monitor the process;
 monitor and regulate narcotic and psychotropic drugs used in veterinary practice, and report same to the  Ethiopian food, Medicine and Health care Administration and Control Authority:
Organize quality control laboratories required to carry out its duties;
 provide training for the appropriate organs in handling and utilization of veterinary drugs and feed;
register and regulate substances and mixtures used, in accordance with Article 2(2) of this Proclamation, for treatment of animal external parasites and controlling animal disease transmitting vectors; and report same to the organ empowered under Proclamation No. 674/2010; the detail implementation shall be in accordance with the regulation to be issued.


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Establishment Act

Proclamation No. 459/2005 Palace Administration Establishment Proclamation

The “Yegibi Minister” was the office that was administering the palace and its properties since the office established through proclamation no.17 , 1957 as Ministry of Imperial Court (Yegibi Minister). During the rule of the Derg regime ( Provisional Military Government of Ethiopia) , it was renamed as The National Palace Administration and most of the time it was accountable to the Office of the President of the Country. In the year 2005, through proclamation no. 459/2005 the office re-established as an autonomous government organ having its own legal personality, and offered its new title “FDRE’s Palace Administration” The FDRE Palace Administration is accountable to the Prime Minister.

The FDRE palace administration is a governmental body responsible to administer national palaces and all other regional palaces.

Objective & Responsibility

To administer the National Palace and all other Palaces.
Preserve articles of cultural heritage belonging to palaces, and carry out the necessary maintenance work relating thereto;
Use place establishments and articles of cultural heritage for purposes of tourist attraction; provided however, that such use shall not cause any threat to their safety;
Organize and execute state receptions when conducted in the palace;
Own property, enter into contract, sue and be sued in its own name;
Perform other lawful activities necessary for the fulfillment of its objectives;


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The National Lottery Administration of Ethiopia was established as the first autonomous & legal state lottery by Proclamation number 183 in 1961.


The Administration began its operation by issuing conventional lottery named Regular lottery on September 8, 1961 G.C(on Ethiopian New Year "Enqutatash") which was drawn after staying four months in the market .This lottery was drawn on the promised & planned date of drawing i.e .7 January 1962 (on Ethiopian Christmas-"Genna"). This lottery also had five perforated parts of the same number winning Birr 10,000 each in the 1st prize.


The Administration was again reorganized & strengthened by proclamation No 210/1981. According to this proclamation, National Lottery Administration has dual objectives. The first objective is operating and administrating money lottery. The other objective is regulating and controlling all activities that are related to lottery games and gambling. The second objective includes the power of issuing permits to other persons who carry out Tombolla and sport betting, suspend and cancel the permits for sufficient reasons, and collect charges for the permits issued. It has also a power to give permit or restrict the importation of game related items and machines such as:-

Playing cards
Articles of billiards
Articles of Casino and Bingo
Video games
Other games (disk or coin operated).

The Administration has played an important role for more than 48 years in Ethiopia's socio-economic development:-

by paying to the prize winners which reaches 43.4% of the total income on the overage;
by paying commission for itinerary lottery vendors & agents which reaches 17% of the total income.
by covering its own operational expenses (printing, advertisement, salary etc)which reaches 17.8% of the total income.
by transferring the profit for the well being of the people through Government expenditure which can remain 21.8 % of the total income.

The Administration is now accountable by proclamation No.256/94 to the Ethiopian Revenu and Customs Authority.

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