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Powers and Duties of the Head of the Office

I) The Head of the Office shall, subject to the general directives of the Board, plan as well as direct and administer the  activities of the Office.
2) Without limiting the generality of sub-Article (I) of this Article, the Head of the office shall:
(a) exercise the powers and duties of the Office specified under Article 13 of this Proclamation;
(b) employ and administer the employees of the Office in accordance with directives to be issued by the Board following the basic principles of the federal civil service laws;
(c) prepare and submit to the Board the annual budget imd work programme of the office;
implement same upon approval;
(d) effect expenditure in accordance with the approved budget and work programme .of the office;

e) represent the Office in all its dealings with third parties;
(f) prepare and submit to the Board. annually and whenever required. activity reports of the office;
(g) perform such other duties as may be given to him by the Board. 3) The Head of the Office may delegate part of his powers and duties to the employees of the Office to the extent necessary for the efficient performance of the activities of the Office.
4) In case of delegation to an official to act on behalf of the Head of the Office, for more than thirty (30) days, prior approval by the Board is required.

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