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  1. I would really appreciate if anybody mails me a labour cassation decision (written in English) especially cases related to unlawful termination of employment contract

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  3. These are wonderful documents.Thanks for your handwork to post all these important materials.
    May God bless you
    Fekadu Daba

  4. Hello Abresh! I am a librarian searching for some documents from 1973, like army proclamation of 1944 etc for research purposes. Is there a place I should check online? Thank you for this blog

  5. Mr. Abrham,you really contributed a lot&built not only to the lawyers but also to the lay one with regard to his/her legal knowledge.you should really be respected.

  6. If you accused some one for a crime then if the court sent him to jail because of his guiltiness can you go out side ethiopia? I geared that you can not in until he released

  7. Thank for you’re contribution on development of our legal system. I also want to ask you a favor can send me a cassation decision file no. 14290 on defacto divorce thank very much.

  8. please can u send me federal supreme court cassation bench decisions which implies faller to pay tax only will not result criminal liability.

  9. Mr.Abereham.I do not have a word to expres my filling about you.I have got many experians about low.specialt labour law…through ur chilot.me. I am working privat company as addminstration section head. realy thanks God bless u!

  10. Bayissa Olana Gonfa – Bayissa Olana Gonfa law office is a private law office based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I, the law office owner is LLB holder, graduated from AAU law school, in 1999 GC. I'm licensed lawyer by federal attorney general office and Oromiya justice bureau, to work as legal advisor on Ethiopian laws and as an attorney in Federal and Oromiya courts. Currently I run my law office. My phone contact address is +251921407324.
    bayissa olana gonfa says:

    Thank u for the service

  11. This website is very important not only for Ethiopian students but a also for Eritreans as well .Thank you brother for your good work.
    Rom Asmara,Eritrea

  12. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the operators of this website, which helps students of law more than what i can mention in words, i want of say thanks

  13. i want to know about my case and the case no is 80202 is about land.
    you do please help me to find it is in Federal High Court

  14. Hi.Mr.Abraham,thanks for all your effort. Please would you help me to get to access to laws pertinent the sources and administration of municipal cities budget in Oromia N.R.State. Thanks!

  15. this database seems helpful but the volumes mentioned in cessation decisions are in inherent language which I tried to translate using Google translate but it didn’t work..how can I resolve this issue? 🙁

  16. የማውቅህና ያስተማርከኝ በመሆኑ ኩራት ተሰምቶኛል በርታ ቀጥልበት !!! ወደ ብዙ እንጨዋወታለን

  17. Mr. Abrahem , Thanks a lot, you always perform professionally without any interruption. Be pride, you did real intellectual job. God bless you and your family.

  18. Hey brother how is every thing going there with you? Your work is of a very greater importance to our law school. God bless you for your work. I also want you to start discussion on burning legal issues so that our students, teachers, and other concerned body like government officials can participate on it.

  19. As we know these cessation decisions may assimilate as other obligatory laws of our country.so they serve as a general laws to interpret other laws.in order to perform this task one has to know these decisions.so your blog is much helpful for both the trainers and for professionals.i would like to appreciate your contribution!!THANK YOU!!

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