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Period of time to dismiss a worker for misconduct (Summary of cassation decisions)

Introduction According to Ethiopian labour law, an employer loses his right to dismiss a worker irrespective of a valid ground of dismissal, if he fails to make a decision to terminate the employment contract within 30 working days. The time starts to run from the  date the employer knows the ground for the termination. (Article … Continue reading

Can a civil case be a ground of res judicata in a labour case?

Case Brief Applicant- Ermias Mulugeta Respondent- Bekelecha Transport Share Company Cassation File Number- 39471 Date of judgement- Hamle 29 2001 Read the decision of the court (Amaharic) Issue: Wether failure to prove fault of employee by the employer in a labour case is a ground of resjudicata if a civil action is brought by the … Continue reading


Brief note Starting from 2003/04 academic year students enrolled in public universities were required to cover their costs of education. Such cost includes full costs related with boarding and lodging and minimum 15% of tuition related costs. This cost sharing regulation imposes a pre-condition on every student to enter a written contract agreement with the … Continue reading

Transfer of workers: Is it employer’s prerogative?

Applicant- Cheshire Foundation Ethiopia Respondent- W/o Meseret Workagegnehu Cassation File No. 38605 Date: Yekatit 19, 2001 Court- Federal Supereme Court Cassation Bench Issue: Wether an employer can unilaterally change the place of work of the employee? Ruling &reasoning: The decision of lower courts was reversed. The cassation bench said that “it is the prerogative of … Continue reading


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