• Livestock and Meat Board Proclamation No.212/1964;
  • Livestock and Meat Board Order No. 34/ 1964.
Proclamation No. 117/1998

Animal, Animal Products and by-products Marketing ,Development Authority Establishment


  • The Civil Code (Amendment) Proclamation No. 65/1997
Proclamation No. 97/1998

Property Mortgaged or Pledged with

Banks Proclamation

  • The Ethiopian Authority for Standardization Establishment proclamation No. 328/1987
  • Weights and Measures Proclamation No. 208/1963
  • Standards Mark and Fees Council of Ministers Regulations No. 13/1990
  • Weights and Measures Regulations No. 431/1973
  • The Ethiopian Standards Council of Ministers Regulations No. 12/1990
Quality and Standards Authority of Ethiopia Establishment Proclamation No. 102/1998


  • The Stamp Duty Proclamation No, 334/1987


Proclamation No. 110/1998

Stamp Duty Proclamation

  • Article 51 of the Customs Authority Proclamation No. 60/1997


Proclamation No. 125/1998

Customs Authority (Amendment)


  • Transaction Tax Proclamation No. 205/1963;
  • The third schedule (export duties) attached to the Customs Tariffs Regulations No. 42/1976;
  • Coffee Surtax Regulations No. 280/1964 and all subsequent amendments
  • Tax on Coffee Exported from Ethiopia Regulations No. 47/1976.
Tax on Coffee Exported from Ethiopia Proclamation No.99/1998
  • Customs (warehouse) Regulations No. 47/44
Customs warehouse License Issuance Council of Ministers Regulations No. 24/1997


Repealed Ethiopian Laws 1997

Repealed text

Repealing Text
(a)    Customs and Export Duties Proclamation No.39/1943;

(b)   The Proclamation to Consolidate and Amend the Law Relating to Customs Proclamation No. 145/1955;

(c)    Customs and Export Duties Measurement Regulations No. 48/1944;

(d)   Customs Working Hours Regulation No. 169/1952.


Proclamation No. 60/1997 The Re-Establishment and Modernization of Customs Authority Proclamation
(a)    The Business Enterprises Registration

Proclamation No. 184/1961;

(b) The Industrial Licence Proclamation No. 292/1971;

(c) The Foreign Trade Proclamation No. 293/1971;

(d) The Industrial Licence Regulations No. 423/1972;

(e) The Foreign Trade Regulations No. 424/1972;

(t) The Regulation of Domestic Trade Proclamation No. 335/1987;

(g) The Domestic Trade Regulations No.109/1987;

(h) The Industrial License Council of Ministers Regulations No. 8/1990;

Proclamation No. 67/1997

Commercial Registration and Business Licensing Proclamation

The Institute of Agricultural Research establishment order, ordered No. 42/66 and part of Article 12(5), of the definition of powers and duties of the executive organs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, proclamation No. 4/1995, which refers to the establishment of research centers Proclamation No. 79/1997 Ethiopian Agricultural Research Organization Proclamation
The Scrap Iron Board Charter (General Notice No. 168/1953) Proclamation No. 47/1996 Basic Metals and Engineering Industry Agency Establishment
(a) the Declaration of telephones Proclamation No. 55/1944;

(b) The Maintenance of Telephone Services Proclamation No. 114/1950;

(c) the Imperial Board of Telecommunications establishment Pro61amation No. 131/1952.

Proclamation No. 49/1996 Telecommunication Proclamation
The Proclamation to Establish the Office of the Auditor General Proclamation No. 13/1987 Proclamation No. 68/l997 Office of the Federal Auditor General Establishment Proclamation
The Ethiopian Roads Authority Re-establishment Proclamation No. 63/1993 as amended



Proclamation No. 80/1997 Ethiopian Roads Authority Re establishment Proclamation


Repealed Ethiopian Laws-1996

Repealed text

Repealing text

The Central Government Courts Establishment Proclamation No. 40/1993 (as amended) Proclamation No. 25/1996 Federal Courts Proclamation
  • the Imperial Army proclamation No: 68/1944;
  • the Administration of Officers of the Armed Forces Order No. 81/1973;
  • the Armed Forces Officers Promotion, Obligatory Service and  Dismissal Regulations No. 429/1973;
  • The Military Courts Establishment Proclamation No. 10/1987.
Proclamation No. 27/1996 Defence Forces Proclamation
The Flag ProclamationNo.3/1987 the Emblem of the Republic Proclamation No 4/ 1987. Proclamation No. 16/1996 Flag and Emblem Proclamation
Proclamation No. 23/1992 is hereby repealed Proclamation No. 24/1996 Federal Judicial Administration Commission Establishment Proclamation
The National Research Institute of Health EstablishmentProclamation No. 271/1985 Proclamation No. 26/1996A Proclamation to Repeal the National Research Institute of Health Establishment Proclamation
The Small-Scale Industries and Handicrafts DevelopmentAgency Establishment Proclamation No.


Small-Scale industries and Handicrafts Development Agency Establishment Proclamation Repealing Proclamation
The Encouragement ,Expansion and CoordinationOf Investment Proclamation No. 15/1992(as amended) Proclamation No. 37/1996 Investment Proclamation
  • Articles 35 to 41 of the Public Servants Pension Proclamation No. 209/1963 (as amended);
  • Public Service Pensions Commission Charter/ Legal Notice No. 250/1962.
Proclamation No. 38/1996 Social Security Authority Establishment
The Importation of Goods on Franco- Valuta Basis Council of ministers Regulations No. 1/1992 Council of Ministers Regulations No, 8/1996Importation of, Machinery and Goods on Franco-Valuta Basis Council of ministers Regulations

Repealed Ethiopian Laws-1995

Due to lack of periodic consolidation of laws in Ethiopia, it is very difficult to precisely identify those laws which are repealed and inapplicable. This surely will create an obstacle in the judicial process of application and interpretation of laws. There are still laws from the imperial and dergue era including laws promulgated during the transitional government period, not repealed by parliament. Some of them are outdated and practically inapplicable. However, substantial part of these laws are still part of the legal system and maintain their status as effective and applicable laws.According to article 5 of Declaration of the establishment of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia proclamation no. 2/1995, All prior laws shall continue to apply unless they are inconsistent with the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

Identifying and preparing an exhaustive list of all Ethiopian laws is not an easy task. This is typically true as regards laws repealed before the coming into force of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. This is mainly due to the absence of the ‘soft copy’ version of the specific statutes before this time. However, as regards laws repealed during the time of 1995 (1987 E.C.) onwards by House of People’s Representatives, it is not as such difficult to identify them with certainty.

Starting from today I will  regularly post laws repealed during the time of 1995 onwards. You may find the list of repealed laws anytime on this blog by clicking on the repealed law category located on the sidebar.

Here is the list of laws repealed during 1995.

  • The Relief and Rehabilitation Commission Establishment Proclamation No.173/1979(as amended)

This law is repealed by Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Commission Establishment Proclamation No.10/1995. The repealing law itself was amended by Proclamation No. 383/2004. Both Proclamation No.10/1995 and Proclamation No. 383/2004 are again repealed by Proclamation No. 593/2008. Accordingly all the rights and obligation of Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Commission are now transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture
and Rural Development. The name of the Ministry is changed in to Ministry of Agriculture by a recent law determining the power of the executive i.e. proclamation no. 691/2010.

  • The Ethiopian Tourism Commission Establishment Proclamation No. 182/1980

Repealed by  Tourism commission establishment Proclamation No. 11/1995. Proclamation No. 11/1995 itself was repealed by Proclamation No.471 /2005 ( see proclamation no. 691/2010.  The Tourism commission is now upgraded to a ministry level and is now called Ministry of Culture and Tourism)

  • The Transitional Period Charter and The Definition of the Powers and Functions of the President Proclamation No. 1/1991

Repealed byDeclaration of the establishment of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia proclamation no. 2/19995

  • The Establishment of the Negarit Gazeta Proclamation No. 1/1942

Repealed by Federal Negarit Gazeta Establishment Proclamation No. 3/1995

  • The.Definition of Powers and Duties of the Central and Regional Executive Organs of the: Transitional Government of Ethiopia Proclamation No. 41/1993 (as amended)
  • The Definition of Powers and Duties of the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers Proclamation
    No. 2/1991

Repealed by Definition of Powers and Duties of the Executive Organs Proclamation No. 4/1995. Proclamation No. 4/1995 itself was amended by Proclamation No. 93/1997 and then it’s  (i.e. Proclamation No. 4/1995) Article 6 and 9 were repealed by Proclamation No. 256/2001. Then Proclamation No. 256/2001 itself was amended by Proclamation No. 380/2004. Again for the second time Proclamation No. 256/2001 was amended by Proclamation No.411 /2004.  Then Proclamation No. 465/2005 amended Sub-Article (9) of Article 23 of Proclamation No. 4/1995  with the effect of deleting and substituting it with a new article 9.  Lastly Proclamation No. 4/1995 (as amended) and No. 256/2001 (as amended) were repealed by Proclamation No.471 /2005 .

This was followed by Three amendments to Proclamation No.471 /2005 by Proclamation No. 546/2007, Proclamation No. 603/2008 and Proclamation No 642/2009. Lastly, Proclamation No. 471/2005 (as amended) was repealed by the more recent and currently effective law as regards the power of the executive which is Proclamation No. 691/2010.

The Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission Establishment proclamation 91/1994

Repealed by  Ethiopian Science and Technology Establishment Commission Proclamation No.7/1995 ( now upgraded to a Ministry level and is called Ministry of Science and Technology see proclamation 691/2010)


The Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission Establishment proclamation 91/1994